Important things to avoid when visiting a newborn

Important things to avoid when visiting a newborn
November 18 19:20 2016

Everyone is excited whenever there is a newborn baby and this often results in some visits planned to go and see the little one. Now there are things that people do that annoy the new parents and some of these habits are even dangerous for the newborn baby. The parents may not say anything out of respect or they just do not have the energy to have the conversation with everyone who comes to see the baby. When you do leave though, they will talk about it and try to come up with ways to protect their baby from such habits. Why don’t you spare the parents and the newborn some unnecessary stress and avoid doing some of those things that people do when they visit a newborn.

Just to let you know, here are some of the top things you should avoid to do whenever you are around a newborn:


Kissing The Baby

Parents will not tell you this but most of them do not like it at all when you kiss their babies especially on the lips. Everyone agrees, babies are adorable and amazingly kissable, it’s a common act that people practice. Even public figures do it but one thing that all parents agree with is that they do not like everyone kissing their baby! If you visit a newborn its important that you avoid kissing the baby, especially on the lips and on their face. If you cannot control yourself and absolutely have to kiss the baby then ask the baby’s parents first if it’s ok to give the baby a little kiss. Also, bare in mind that even when you ask the parents may feel obliged to say so do not over do with the kissing.

Please keep in mind that newborn babies have a weak immune system that is still developing and as such they are very vulnerable to microbes and infections. You may be healthy by the tiny bacteria you carry on your lips can be too strong for the baby to fight off, now imagine the many other people that kiss the baby too. The risk is too much for the little one that is why it’s not a good idea to go around kissing newborn babies.



Another bad habit that should not be practiced when visiting a newborn is smoking. Research has actually proved that secondary smoking (that is inhaling smoke from a smoker) is more harmful than actually smoking to both adults and children. Now imagine the effect on a newborn. To protect newborns from third hand smoking it is important that you do not smoke when you have a visit planned to see a newborn and anytime during that visit. Smoke can also hold on to cloths so its best you wear fresh and clean cloths for the visit.


clothing_bigManipulating hot drinks while holding the baby

Believe it or not parents always cringe whenever they see someone holding and sipping on a hot beverage whilst holding their baby. Just a tiny mistake can send the steaming hot liquid all over the baby’s face and body, which can result in terrible burns, as the baby’s skin is still soft and sensitive.

Its okay to drink tea and coffee during the visit, but make sure you are not holding your beverage near the baby.


Leave your kids behind if you can

If you can please leave your kids behind when you go to visit a newborn, do not take your kids with you especially if they are the noisy and naughty kid. They will get their chance to meet the baby when he is a little bit grown up and no longer vulnerable to noise and related behavior.

Parent already go through a tough time keeping the environment calm and quite for the baby to rest and sleep, extra noise of kids running around and making a fuss is not ideal.


Avoid being late by all costs

It might not seem like a big deal but being late for a scheduled visit to see a newborn can be super inconveniencing to the parents. They have a lot of people coming over to visit and they do not want to crowd the baby by having everyone come at the same time. Also, they need their free time to rest and be alone especially if the baby is sleeping. When you arrive late or out of schedule you disrupt a lot of things, of course the parents will be polite and they will not tell you not to come in but rest assure you are inconveniencing a lot by arriving late. It is best to let them know early if you are running late so they can prepare accordingly.


Touching the baby with unwashed hands

Yes, your hands can look clean but there are a lot of microbes that are harbored by the hands ad they can easily take advantage of the newborn’s weak immune system. Try to wash your hands before holding or touching the baby. Some parents will have a hand sanitizer just near the baby, make use of it and help protect the baby from petty and unnecessary risks.


When the baby is sleeping do not wake them up

This seems straightforward but you will be surprised at the number of guest who arrive and wake up a sleeping baby. Waking the baby up disrupts their schedule and makes them irritable and grumpy. Even worse they will take it up on the parent when you have left and gone back to your peaceful house leaving the already tired parents to a screaming bay who wont fall asleep anymore because you woke them up and disrupted their sleeping schedule.


Do not come over while you are sick

Cancel your scheduled visit if you are sick. You already know how vulnerable a newborn’s immune system is, exposing the baby to whatever it is that you are suffering from is irresponsible to say the least. You can always reschedule the visit for when you are feeling a lot better.


Holding on to a screaming baby

When a baby cries uncontrollably its time to hand him back to the parents. Chances are the baby is hungry or needs changing.


Interrupting baby feedingbottle_big

Some mothers are not comfortable breastfeeding with an audience nearby or in the same room. When you notice that it is time for the baby to feed, do not stare at the breastfeeding mother. Better yet, give the mother and baby space, you can play with the baby afterwards.


Unsolicited Advice

If the parents do not ask for advice then do not give any. There are already a lot of people and voice telling the new parents what to do and what not to do. You can only give advice when it is solicited, if otherwise just keep it to yourself.


Do not over stay

Above all, do not over stay your welcome. The parents are exhausted and need to rest too. Watch out for tale-tell signs so you can know when to leave. Do not forget you are not the only person who is visiting them. There probably has been people since the baby was born, say your goodbye in time and let the good parents enjoy a few hours of rest before the next visitor comes knocking. As a general rule, two hours is the longest you should stay, but many hosts prefer an even shorter visit than that.


Avoiding doing the above can be very helpful in assisting the new parents with their new role. It is not only helpful for the parents but good for the baby too. So avoid the bad habits when visiting a newborn baby and you will find yourself among the elite list of visitors and get more invites from the parents.


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