Improve your breast milk with these magical foods

Improve your breast milk with these magical foods
August 30 10:50 2016

Every mother has questions running through their minds daily about the health of their toddler, especially with their growth.

You might be one of those who is constantly worried about whether your baby is getting proper nutrition or not.

You want to make sure your young one gets everything they need.

And nature also knows this for a fact that’s why they have given your body everything and beyond that to make sure that you can give everything to kid that they need.

When the baby sucks the breasts of their mother for milk, the simulation sends a signal to the brain to produce milk. So, the more milk your kid sucks, the more your breasts produce it.

Even though Mother Nature has created a fantastic body system, you are worried you might not get nutrition properly for the milk production. That’s why we have created this article with 10 fantastic food for all the fantastic mothers out there that wants to do everything in their power to make sure their baby gets the best nutrition possible.


Oats, a food where taste meets health.

This full of energy meal has multiple benefits other than helping your body for producing milk.

It contains fibers, which is aids in digestion. Oats also help to control diabetes.

Consider having them in breakfast as oat cookies.


Anything with Vitamin A is a winner.

Carrots, not only increases the production but also helps in improving the quality of milk.

If the thought of having a raw carrot isn’t pleasant, you can try juicing them.


Home of iron, calcium and folic acid, Spinach works wonders on both the mother and the baby.

The detoxifying agents presents in Spinach acts as a cleanser. Along with the anti-cancer properties, Spinach also helps to reduce the chances of breast cancer. The chemicals present in it also boost the quality of your milk and accelerates the growth of the baby.

However, with so many great qualities, there comes a caveat. Spinach is suitable in moderation. These means don’t have too much spinach or the milk might cause health problems to the baby.

You can make a soup in winter nights or mix it with chapattis to eat in summer mornings.

Basil Leaves

Another reason to have the holy basil leaves.

Having anti-cancer properties, they also boost your immunity. Full of antioxidants, they help you with lactation at the same time.

And who doesn’t like the soft taste of basil leaves? You can have them as you like – raw, with water and even with tea.


Another great food, Garlic. While some women might not like it because of its strong smell, you cannot underestimate the goodness hidden in it.

Enriched with anti-cancer properties, it contains chemicals that support the production of milk and helps in lactation.

Moreover, with a little creativity, you can try countless recipes with foods to make them delicious.


You might have heard the statement “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The same applies to almonds.

Even though they are tiny, they contain a whole bunch of nutrients that’s important for all the age groups regardless of gender.

For mothers, Omega-3 and Vitamin E are of utmost importance. Omega-3 helps boosts hormones responsible for the production of milk and Vitamin E helps to rejuvenate the body and scars caused by pregnancy.

Sweet Potato

Ah, who doesn’t like sweet potato? Along with high carbohydrates, they are also a great source of potassium.

Life becomes a mess in the beginning after the arrival of the baby. Do yourself a favor, have little sweet potato once in a while. They contain magnesium that helps you to relax which most mothers have a hard time having.

Moreover, they are also a great source of B-Complex and Vitamin C that helps in the production of White blood cells. So, this makes sure you are not neglecting your health as well to make your baby’s health good.

It’s preferable to have them with a low fiber diet.


A source of high iron and calcium, drumsticks boosts lactation.  They also enhance one’s immunity power as well as nervous system.

You can have them steamed and add flavor according to your wish. This way you can make sure you are not just yapping in food for your health. Who said tasty things can’t be healthy or healthy things can’t be tasty?

Dill Leaves

Even though the creepy looking dark green, silky hair looking leaves doesn’t look healthy, they indeed have multiple benefits.

Along with boosting milk supply, they also have high Vitamin K content. This Vitamin aids in replenishing blood loss that occurs during delivery.

They are also high in fiber, thus helps in relieving constipation.


There’s a popular myth in the fitness industry that fats are bad for your health. I don’t know where this myth exactly originated from but one thing is for sure, it’s totally inaccurate with no evidence whatsoever.

Actually, trans-saturated fats are bad for health which is often found in processed food. Maybe, the myth originated from this fact.

Anyways, the important point does not ignore facts. Fats have so many functions that it’s going to hurt your health more than you think.

They help in absorption of vitamins, minerals, and all the essential nutrients that aids in the growth as well as the production of milk.

That’s the reason it was kept at last. A lack of fat in your body will render all your efforts useless.


Your body won’t be able to absorb any of the vitamins provided by the foods mentioned above. So a healthy amount of healthy fat is essential.

Closing Thoughts

As long as you keep a well-balanced diet, you don’t have to so worry much.

If your toddler is excreting properly, looks satisfied after the meal and gaining weight accordingly, just relax.

In fact, the relaxed and stress-free mood will only lead to better and healthy milk production.

You have done everything you need to do and there’s no need to panic if you don’t see any strange sign in your toddler’s behavior.

Just enjoy breastfeeding!

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