Kids and gadgets: 10 tips

Kids and gadgets: 10 tips
August 26 16:37 2016

Technology is playing an important role in our lives that we are getting so many facilities with the help of technology. Along so many merits of the technology, there are also some demerits of the technology. Technology is spoiling our young generation with a great speed we need to take some precautionary steps to avoid this situation. Social media has a great impact on the fresh mind of the children. The parent is really worried about this fact.

Technology has grasped the minds of the kids with no time. A few years back the parent didn’t allow their children to use even simple phone but now the technology has put our minds to the new world. We can’t imagine our self without a mobile phone. The technology has turned this whole world into the global village. Now we can talk to anyone in no time and we can reach in any corner of the world in just a few minutes but we fail to read the minds of our kids who are the precious asset of the future. The kids tell a lie to their parent and not tell them about their friend in the name of the privacy while the parent can check all the privacy of their kids. Because the kids are the responsibility of the parent. So the parent can keep a check on all the activities of their kids. Due to technology kids have set their standards of privacy. The kids even have set privacy from their parents. In this situation parent should follow the instructions given below:

  • Avoid solitude
  • Make friendship
  • Educational apps
  • Use of technology
  • Do your kids need Technology?
  • Consistency
  • Avoid headphones
  • Never use technology in front of kids
  • Be a tech model
  • Technology dis-order


There are lots of tips for the parent to make their kids a successful person of the society. The parent should never allow their kids to sit in the solitude or alone in a place. Don’t allow your kids to shut the door of their room. So that the kids can’t use the technology for the wrong purposes. The kids have mobile phones and they use them the full night. This has a bad impact on the kid’s health too. The high energy rays emitting from the mobile badly affect the muscles and on the mind. Due to this fact, the kids feel depression and they show aggressive mood towards everyone.


The parent should have a friendly attitude in their homes so that the children can share any of their problems. With this friendly environment, the parent can also guide their kids in a better way. When the parent has a good and friendly attitude towards their children then the children will never prefer to use the technology over the friendly nature of their parent. So this tip will help the parent to prevent their kids from the overuse of the technology.


The parent should never allow their kids to use educational apps for the study purpose because the kids get the better understanding of their books from the discussion and by sharing their ideas and experiences with their classmates. The internet provides information which can be understood by discussion. So the use of educational apps for the study is not really necessary.


The parent can’t cut off their kids from the technology entirely so the parent should arrange some group activities that their kids can use the technology in the group. In this way, the kid will never get indulge in any abusive activity. When the kids will use the technology in the group activity then the parent can remain aware of their children’s activity on the internet or technology.


It’s the responsibility of the parent to fulfill all the needs of their kids but in the case of technology the parent should be aware of one thing that either their kid really need his or her personal technology device or not. If the kids don’t need to own their personal technology device, then never allow them to keep personal or their own technology device.


The parent should remain consistent in enforcing the security limits for their kids. The consistent prevention keeps your child away from the technology.


The over or misuse of the technology can affect the hearing sense of your kids so always use the safe method to listen to anything on the technology. The misuse of the headphones can also make your child a deaf the use of headphones in the public places increases the chances of the accident.


The parent should never use technology in front of their kids. If the parent will use the technology in front of their kids, then the kids will also use technology as the kids always follow their parent too much. Only use the technology at the time of need in front of kids.


The parent has a great responsibility to their kids. The parents should be a perfect model for their kids so the kids follow the best examples in their home. Once the parent gets success to manage their kids to stay away from the technology they don’t have to face problems in their life.


The most important thing is that the parent should also be aware of the technology disorders. If the parents know about the technology disorder, then they can help their kids to recover from the technology disorders in the early stage. There are so many symptoms that parent can detect the technology disorder in the early stages to keep their kids safe from further loss.

The parent can adopt the above-mentioned tips to avoid or keep their children safe from the demerits of the technology. The technology can be used with its safety terms to get the benefit in the proper way.


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