Lightning crotch Explained

Lightning crotch Explained
January 22 09:09 2017

There is a sharp very short lasting pain that some pregnant women experience during their pregnancy. The location of the pain varies from one woman to another, some feel it in the vulva, some feel it in the rectum and some feel it anywhere along the pelvic region. The location of this pain and its fast appearance and disappearance has earned it the name of Lightning Crotch. You may have heard of the term and often wondered what it actually meant, well this article will discuss lightening crouch, what it is and what natural remedies can be used to calm it.


Lightning crotch explained

As described above, lighting crotch is a non official name that people use when they refer to the sudden, stingy like sharp pain that is felt somewhere along the pelvic region during pregnancy. The pain is very distinct in the sense that it is sharp, very often when you experience it you involuntarily take in a deep breath if you do not hold it. For people experiencing itbut_big_6 the first time it can be worrisome and can cause you to run to the doctor.

The causes of this sharp and disturbing pain are many, these include rapid movements of the baby inside the womb, pain of the round ligament and certain mineral nutrients shortage. Whatever the cause of lightning crotch, the characteristics of the pain are the same, it is a very rapid split of a second striking pain that is localized around the pelvic region.

Lightning crotch generally happens throughout the duration of pregnancy, its frequency and occurrence depends from one pregnant woman to another. The pains tend to become more frequent and intense in the short period that precedes labor. Some women may experience the pains right up to delivery. For some women, the pain can be triggered by certain positions of sitting and or sleeping. Such women can easily avoid these positions when and prevent the pains from occurring.


The causes of lightning crotch

Lightning crotch occurs when the sensorial nerves surrounding the cervix are stimulated. This stimulation is a result of pressure that is exerted on the cervical region. There so many nerve endings concentrated around the cervix that a sudden pressure stimulus can easily send a sharp lightning like pain to be felt. This is very common with fetal movements.


The causes of lightning crotch include:


1. Baby movements

From time to time the baby growing in the uterus will move, this movement can be a shift in position, turning, stretching and even yawning. When the baby moves, he or she can exert some pressure on the lower part of the uterus which then stimulates the nerves found around the cervix. The result is a sharp stinging pain that comes suddenly without any prior warning or signal. During the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby has to turn completely, for this turn to occur there has to be many movements from the baby. That movement and the fact that the baby’s head is engaging into the pelvis causes the lightning crotch pains to intensify right through towards labor and delivery.


2. Pain of the Round Ligament

The uterus is attached to the pelvis and supported by a ligament called the round ligament. During pregnancy, as the baby develops and grows older, this ligament is stretched to meet the space demands of the enfant. The stretching of the round ligament can cause lightning crotch especially if it happens too quickly. For women with much higher levels of progesterone the stretching is important and the pain even more intense.


3. Shortage of magnesium

Lack of essential minerals like magnesium can cause lightening crotch. It is normal for pregnant women to go through some mineral deficits as the pregnancy stretches on. A lack of essential body minerals causes the body to tap into the reserves of the lacking mineral. In the case of magnesium, it is an essential mineral that is very important in nerve functions. When there is a shortage of magnesium in the body including the reserve storages the nerves become more sensitive, especially to pain stimulus and causes muscles cramps. So a deficiency in magnesium for pregnant women results in highly sensitized feeling of the lightning crotch pain.


When should you be worried?

Everything normal, lightning crotch pains are normal and should not be a cause for worry. However, sometimes the pains can be accompanied by some other symptoms that should be checked out by a qualified health practitioner. Pains that occur at regular time intervals, with bleeding present should be reported to a doctor or mid wife.


Natural way and remedies that can be used to ease lightning crotch

Most of the causes of lightning crotch you do not have much control over. There is no way you will be able to stop the baby from moving around in the womb of prevent it from growing and exerting pressure to your pelvis. However, there are some ways that you can try and manage the pain.  Since these ways that we will discuss below are all natural, they do not need any form of prescription or supervision by a doctor.


  • Chiropractic adjustments               

Chiropractor are highly skilled in treating body pain without using artificial means. For lightning crotch pain caused by the weight of the developing baby, a chiropractor can adjust your spine and relieve the pressure that’s being brought forth by the baby on the pelvic region. This will take care of any nerve compressions that might have occurred as a result of subluxations. The nerve that is involved in lightning crotch is the sciatic nerve, that is the one that a chiropractor has to target to relieve you from lightning crotch pain.



  • Myofascial release 

This is a special chiropractic technique that is used to work on the pelvic floor muscle tone. The technique involves targeting specific body trigger zones and acting on those points so that muscles that are causing and nerve compression can be released.


  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is very efficient in releasing any form of muscle and nerve pain. By targeting the nerve points that are directly affected by the causes of lightning crotch, pelvic pain can be soothed. However, some acupuncture points should be avoided during pregnancy and as such a consult with the doctor before undertaking acupuncture is highly recommended.


  • Physical exercise

Experts in pregnancy related pain advise all pregnant women to keep moving and not to decrease the amount of physical exercise during pregnancy if they want to avoid or to reduce pregnancy related pain. This concept also applies to lightning crotch. Regular movement and exercises like kegel exercises condition the muscles and the body for pregnancy. The more specialized exercises you engage in the better your body will adapt to the developing pregnancy and lightning crotch is avoided.

The are some exercises that have been designed especially for pregnant women, these exercises aim to support baby movement and help it get into place as it descends towards the pelvic region towards the final weeks of pregnancy. The exercises also help condition the round ligament by supporting it from over stretching. All this goes a long way in relieving the lightning crotch symptoms.


  • Magnesium supplements

Since on of the cause of lightning crotch is a shortage or deficit in body magnesium, it is befitting that taking magnesium supplements can effectively ease lightning crotch symptoms. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is required for proper nerve functions. It helps in the prevention of cramping and can reduce the nerve point pain like that of the pelvic region during pregnancy.


  • Pregnancy friendly clothing

Another way to relieve lightning crotch pain is to wear clothing that is friendly to pregnancy. There special cloths and items designed to support the belly and prevent pressure from from building up in the pelvic region.




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