Losing weight after second pregnancy

Losing weight after second pregnancy
September 19 20:59 2016

Who likes to be overweight?

Nobody especially not women. Yet you see countless women gaining weight after having a child?

Does this mean having a child and getting in shape are mutually exclusive?

I do not think so. There are some ladies that just never seem to gain weight. Now, I know that different women have different body types.

However, they are also doing things different than regular moms that make their health a mystery.

Want to know how?

Good. That is the purpose of this article. To educate all the moms out there who wants but does not know where to start the journey,

                                                   #1 Belief

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Megan Fox & Britney Spears have maintained their figure even after having children.

They are the living examples that it can be done even if you are busy.

So, your first task is to visualize yourself getting trimmed and toned.

This will be the foundation of your journey.

Your brain will bother you with questions like “why even try when you are unlikely to get in shape?”

You do not want to stall your journey because of self-doubt that is why knowing what you are trying to accomplish is possible is a great way to let this doubts go away.

                                               #2 Excuses

You know why most moms get fat after giving birth to a baby?

Because of their mindset. Yes, you read that right.

It is not because of baby, food or any other external reasons.

They somehow convince their brain that their baby is now their “only” priority. They ignore their health, give up to their cravings and settle with the fact that moms “ought” to be fat.

You should pick out these thoughts from your mind like a doctor takes out a tumor. This mindset is like cancer to your mind. So, do yourself a favor, show no mercy and throw this poisonous belief out of mentality.

                                              #3 Socialize

Humans best connect with each other when they can relate to each others problems.

So, find moms especially someone who is struggling with the same issues that you are.

This way you can make this journey a lot easier and fun.

Caveat – be picky with whom you hang out. Mindset is contagious. You cannot be around people who has a dangerous mentality like the one we mentioned above.

However, everybody deserves a second chance. If other moms out there are doubting and giving excuses why they do not have time, let them know that it is only their mind that is stopping them from getting in shape.

If possible, make them read this article.

                                                 #4 Sleep

Your willpower is at its weakest when you are tired and sleep deprived.

Do your body a favor and get proper sleep. You will instantly feel refreshed and strengthen your willpower.

It is hard to get a long stretch of sleep with a newborn child so, get frequent naps while the toddler is sleeping or playing.

You have to be resourceful with your time. Take time out to rest even if it means postponing some of the chores.

                                                  #5 Workout

No matter how motivated you are in the beginning, don’t make the mistake of jumping into a demanding workout schedule.

Your body has just started repairing itself after the delivery.

It is best to consult your doctor, but a good rule of thumb to follow is to start slowly after two weeks from the delivery.

If the delivery was complications free, you could start with simple exercises.

Weight training is a fantastic way to get strong. You do not even need to join a gym or buy dumbbells.

Your baby will act as resistance.

Follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple & Stupid.

Start with walking around the blocks, then increase the distance day by day.

If you can afford, you can also get yourself a professional yoga teacher. Yoga is an excellent way to keep your body fit, toned and flexible.

                                                 #6 Food

All your efforts will be in vain if you give yourself up to your cravings for foods.

While you do not need to eat broccoli for every meal, you should not eat pancakes for every breakfast either.

Make sure you get your macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as micronutrients- vitamins and minerals appropriately.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh and juicy fruits.

However, you can eat out once in a while. A good rule of thumb is not to get junk in your body more than two times a week.

                                              #7 Breastfeed

I know you will be breastfeeding your baby whether it affects your shape or not. However, you need to know that here has been an ongoing debate about whether breastfeeding burns up a lot of calories or not.

Some research suggests that mothers who breastfeed their babies lose weight quickly in comparison to mothers who bottle feed their infants while some research, surprisingly, shows exactly the opposite – breastfeeding has no effect on weight whatsoever.

With such a contradiction, we may conclude that both studies were conducted in different environment hence the results from them is of no use.

So, next time anyone who says you otherwise and tells you to eat unreasonably more because you feed your baby is probably ignorant of this fact. In such cases, try to listen to your body & do not overeat.

                                               #8 Sex

Women do not prefer to indulge in sexual activity after few weeks and sometimes even months.

However, some women completely forget their sex life after having a baby.

Most of the time, they do have a genuine reason for this like – exhaustion, tiredness or no time for it.

If you are among this subset of women, now is the time to get things up spicy.

As an adult, you are most probably aware of the incredible health benefits of sex. Not to forget, it burns many calories.

Yes, getting physical with your husband for 30 minutes can help you shed those extra pounds.

Who says getting in shape cannot be fun?

                                             #9 Helping Hand

I know how hectic it can get while raising a baby.

Taking time out for yourself is impossible when you have someone to look after 24/7.

That is why you should consider sharing responsibilities, especially with your husband. This makes sure you can take out a little time for yourself while the father gets to know the child better.

A win-win situation

Alternatively, you can also let the grandparents look after your baby every once in a while.

They will be more than happy to oblige, and you get to do things you have been putting out.

                                               #10 Precaution

Last but not the least, give your body some time. It has been through a lot lately.

You should not start dieting, working out, and all these stuff without doctor’s permission.

You lose many valuable nutrients during delivery that is why initially your body needs abundant food & rest.

Also, when you start implementing these tips, don’t expect results overnight or even fortnight.

Setting an achievable goal makes the journey less daunting and discouraging.

Closing Thoughts

Taking some time out for yourself is nowhere near selfishness.

If anyone tries to convince you that taking some time out for yourself is a selfish decision, cut them loose.

Taking care of your health cannot get any nobler.

Your body is more than a temple.


Because it is the only place where you will ever live.

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