Make your Kid to fall in Love with Reading with these Simple Tricks

Make your Kid to fall in Love with Reading with these Simple Tricks
August 15 11:35 2016

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Habits can make or break the man. Thus instilling good habits at an early age will largely determine your child’s future. And building a habit of reading is one the best things you could do to ensure his success.


Reading is one of those habits on which almost all the world’s greatest leader unanimously agree to do.

Moreover, reading has been the primary way for humans to absorb information. It stimulates the brain, creates new neural patterns and expands the mind of the reader.

But since reading requires effort, most humans have a difficult time forming this habit. That’s why we have created a firm guide for our readers to help them form this habit in an enjoyable way.


Preach what you teach

If a fat, obese & overweight guy gives you tips on fitness, what will you first reaction be?

Exactly, this what your kids are going to think when you give them advice to reading while watching the television.


Humans never follow advice, they follow examples

So the best way is to lead your kid is through preaching what you are teaching.

You don’t even have to become a book-worm, all you have to do is to sit down with your kids and read together.

Remember, the beginning will be the toughest.

If you are not a reader yourself, both, the kids and you will have an urge to quit in the beginning. This is completely normal.

Just endure for two-three weeks.


It’s been scientifically proven that this is how long it takes for your brain to start making it enjoyable. And who knows, you might also fall in love with the books.

A win-win situation


Think big, Act small

Phrases such as dream big or don’t settle for less are quite popular. But you never hear the whole truth.

Think big but act small.

Whenever people are forming a new habit, they make the mistake of doing everything at once from the day one. And what eventually happens is they get burned in few days and quit.

Then they wonder why are they so weak willed?

Don’t make the same mistake. The key is patience.

Take baby steps towards your goal.

Remember, when you were a little baby, you first learned to crawl, then walk and eventually you were able to run.

And somehow taking small baby steps like this seems absurd to most adults.

Become a baby again with your kid and go step by step.

Don’t try to finish the book in a day; heck doesn’t even try to finish the first chapter if you have never read in years.

The key is to take little steps. Read the first page and ask your kid to do the same. If you and your kid feel mentally tired, then stop.

Come back next day and read a little more and then a little more.

Before you realize, you’ll be able to complete a whole chapter in a single sitting while enjoying the process.


Daily Ritual

Setting up a ritual to form any habit is very important especially in the beginning.

You must take care of two things – time & place.

First, you have to choose a specific time for reading. All along, you’ll dedicate this time entirely to read. No distractions. Keep all the electronic gadgets away from you have to. Few minutes in the beginning in more than enough to get you started (remember baby steps). Increase the time when you start feeling comfortable.

Second, you have to choose a particular place where you and your kids will read.


It’s scientifically proven you are most likely to do things if assign particular places for different things. You are more likely to work out in the gym, sleep in your bedroom and feel hungry on the dining table. So the best thing you could do is to assign a room where your kids (and you) can read without any distractions.

If due to any reason you cannot find a place to read, go to the library where you can find the exact kind of atmosphere that encourages reading.



Even with these strategies, some kids might initially resist forming the habit of reading.

If your kid is one of them, don’t lose your hope (or temper).

When parents see that their kids are not following their instructions, their instincts tell them to punish them. Even when you feel guilty of punishing them, you convince your brain that this is for their own good.

Well here’s a scientific proof, it’s not good for them.

You might teach your kids to be obedient, but internally he/she is probably scared of and resent you.

Solution – Utilize the power of reward bias.

Animals have been trained using this principal for years. Every time they obey the command of their masters they are given something they like usually food. This tricks their brain into following the instructions again and eventually makes them well trained without resenting their masters.

Try the same drill with your kids. Tell them that if he/she reads for x minutes every day, you are going to give them their favorite thing (can be a toy or dress but food is better).

Following this method will rewire their brain and before you know they’ll start enjoying reading even without any incentives.


The Right Book

Picking the wrong book is like losing a battle even before it started. Don’t just choose a random book.

A good book for your kid should resemble following qualities

It should be colorful and full of pictures. Kids are more likely to read books that look like fun and engaging. Even adults run away from black and white boring looking books.

It should be popular. If your kids have heard the name through their friends, they are more likely to read it. And it gets even better when they get to discuss with their friends. They are more likely to think reading as a cool habit.

It should be easy going. You don’t want to give your child Shakespeare from the very first day. Not that I have something against him, it’s only that you should give your child a book that is easy to read and comprehend.

The good old physical books should be your first choice instead of e-books. If though e-books offer a lot of things that physical books don’t, people are more likely to read a physical book since they can touch, smell and feel the books.


Other Strategies

Here are some other ‘hacks’ to form the reading habit.

Read the book to your kid. The bedtime stories are a fantastic way to get the ball rolling. Each night when your child is off to bed, make it a ritual that either of the parents will read the kid a storybook that is both educational and fun.

Bring their friends along for the ride. Encourage to read together. You can also organize some sort of reading contest every once in a while. Who doesn’t wants to win?

Your surrounding has more effect on you than you think. Be picky with the people your kids spend time with.

Encourage them to spend more time with people who like to read.

Remove distractions for your kids. If you are providing them with the latest computer games, gadgets and stuff that offer instant gratification, don’t blame your kid to be disobedient.

Give them books on birthdays and other occasions. Ask their friends and relatives to do the same. This way they are able to books as something fun & enjoyable thing.

If reading is uncommon in your house, don’t expect your kids to adjust all of a sudden to this behavior. Give them time to adjust.

Rewarding them for their behavior is a great way to build habit but every once in a while punishments might be necessary to teach them some lesson.


Closing Thoughts

The plan is laid out and all you need is to act on it.

But don’t force them as such it makes yours as well as their life makes turns into hell. You don’t want your kids to be book-smart and street-stupid.

The key thing is to enjoy the process and be one with it. After all, life isn’t in the past and future.

All we have is now.


Kid to fall in Love with Reading