Manicure And Pedicure During Pregnancy. Is it safe?

Manicure And Pedicure During Pregnancy. Is it safe?
January 07 11:07 2017

During pregnancy, any woman wants to be especially beautiful. But any procedure is doubtful because it may harm the baby.

There is an opinion that you cannot do a pedicure or manicure while pregnancy. Is it true?

Nails of pregnant women suffer from the hormonal changes of the body and a lack of calcium. How to take care of your nails in this situation? Let’s figure this out.


Let’s Talk About Manicure

Manicure (translated from Latin “hands care”) is a set of measures for the care of the nails and fingers. It includes cuticle removal, nail shaping, and sometimes varnishing.

A manicure can be:

  1. Edging manicure (also called classic or wet). It is the most common, although not the safest, performed in the salon or at home. After imparting the desired shape to nails, hands are immersed in a warm bath. Then the cuticle is trimmed and nails are covering with varnish on request. The danger of this kind manicure type, it can bring an infection because of poorly treated tools. Because of this, edged manicure is not carried out in many European countries.
  2. The European (not edging) manicure. It looks like a classic one, but the cuticle stays on fingers. Fingers are treated with special emollients.
  3. Hardware (not edging, a type of European). It runs a special machine. With sanding, the damaged cuticle layer without cutting it is removed. This help to prevent injury and infection.
  4. Japanese. This manicure is aimed at improving the condition of nails and skin of hands. It includes coverage of the nails with special natural remedies, fragrant baths, and hand massage.
  5. SPA-manicure. It includes all the same as classic or European manicure besides it is carried a hand massage. Care products for hands and nails are applied. Procedures may differ in salons.
  6. Gel manicure. It is sometimes confused with nail extension. The nail is covered with a special gel in several layers.
  7. Hot manicure. Hands and nails are treated with special means, warmed up to 50 degrees.

Other types of nail polish are based on the above methods with different coating methods.

Can pregnant women do a manicure? Manicure is not contraindicated for pregnant women. On the contrary, a woman who looks good is easier to endure mood swings caused by hormonal changes in the body. It is better to do a manicure with circumcision cuticle to prevent the risk of infection.

It is important to choose the place of the procedure: at home or in the salon. You should go only to salons with experienced professionals. It is important to take precautions not to harm the baby.


Let’s Talk About Pedicure

A pedicure is a set of measures for fingers of feet care. Usually, it includes polishing nails, giving them shape and coloring, removal of calluses, skin softening of the feet, foot massage and other treatments.

Types of pedicure:

  1. Classic.
  2. Hardware.
  3. European.
  4. SPA pedicure.
  5. Combined. It combines hardware and classic.

Types of pedicure are similar to types of the manicure.


Can pregnant women do a pedicure?

A pedicure can be done during pregnancy. It is better to give preference to not edging type or perform pedicure at home. In the later stages, you can ask for help in a pedicure your husband.

During the pedicure foot, baths are provided, but the water should not be above 50 degrees. Because hot foot baths can cause miscarriage. Besides it can cause a rush of blood to the legs, which provokes dizziness, weakness, and loss of consciousness.

And in the case of callosities presence pedicure is irreplaceable. Competent master will easily cope with this problem, as with ingrown toenails. The main thing is to choose a good professional.

Precautionary Measures

Due to the similarity of procedures, manicure and pedicure have general precautions.

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, many women suffer from toxemia. Funds which are used for manicure and pedicure have pungent smells. It can strengthen the unpleasant condition of the pregnant woman, such as nausea or dizziness.
  • Evaluate, whether it is possible to go to the manicure procedure, should the woman herself, based on her conditions. Manicure master should be reported about pregnancy to avoid the use of toxic assets.
  • Edging manicure is a dangerous opportunity as it can bring an infection. It is better to replace the classic manicure with any not edging.
  • The quality of the varnish used is important: the cheap brands often contain toxic substances that are harmful to the child. It is necessary to choose a safe varnish or discontinue its use during pregnancy.

Thick white discharge during pregnancy

  • It is not recommended to use products containing formaldehyde, camphor, and toluene. These substances may have a negative impact on the woman and child.
  • Caution must be used means of varnish removal, such as acetone. It has a pungent odor and has a toxic effect on the nervous system; it also dries the nail plate, which makes the nails more brittle.
  • It is best to use the means without sparing harmful components. Apply and removal of paint pregnant should be done in a room with good ventilation un order to avoid the toxic effect of evaporation on the child.
  • Gel and varnishes can be applied to a pregnant woman, but you should weigh the pros and cons. The procedure for applying the gel is long. It takes more time to inhale the vapors.
  • Means that are used in manicure and pedicure sometimes cause allergic reactions, which are amplified during pregnancy. You must choose nonallergic means.
  • The women body in interesting position reacts differently to the hair coloring and lacquer. This especially refers to gel-varnish. They just cannot stay on the nails of pregnant women. Nails of pregnant women are growing faster, thus it is more likely you will have to do this procedure more regularly.
  • When you do pedicure during pregnancy you should avoid hot tubs and foot massage, as this may provoke scrums.
  • By the form of nails, you can understand what is lacking in the body of the pregnant woman. For example, white spots on the nails indicate a lack of iron in the body, and brittle nails indicate poor absorption of calcium.
  • Nails during pregnancy need protection and care especially. It is connected with a lack of calcium and other minerals in the body.
  • Manicure and pedicure can help to make hands and feet beautiful and tidy. The main thing is to choose the right place for the procedures. Also, you should do not use toxic, hypoallergenic means.
  • The most benign types of nail care are European and SPA. Be sure to tell the master of the pregnancy to use only the safe means.
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