“Must have” baby products

“Must have” baby products
September 12 18:02 2016

Someone who is very close to us and whom we care about all the time is our baby who is still in the tummy. You always love to have this experience as this brings an amazing feeling which can neither be purchased nor can be found anywhere else in the world. We all wish to have the cute babies like the ones in the pictures. So, we sometimes hang the cutest baby pictures on the walls of the bedroom to imagine our own baby like him or her. I am not really sure about it but I must say that hanging pictures positively affects the beauty of your baby. To some extent your baby’s cuteness depends on upon how much you see the beauty in Childs faces and their structures. You then imagine the same cuteness and beauty for your own child who changes the shape, color, of your baby and he or she becomes cuter before they come out of your tummy.

Anyway, cute or not, kids are just kids and they are precious and the most loved ones to their parents and other family members. We should not categorize babies as they are always cute, soft and innocent. All we should care about is their proper nourishment and health. We must also care about their beauty. By beauty I totally mean to say, we should not use harmful products on them or the ones that didn’t suit their skin so they might get allergic reactions. There are a lot of products for babies in different baby shops but you should choose wisely the best and safest product for your baby. Are you in trouble with choosing the products? Can’t you understand what should be bought or what should not be? Don’t worry about it. You just focus on the care of your cute baby and remaining things leave on us.

I sometimes find people asking me about babies’ products, what to buy and what, not you buy? What should I use for my baby? Tell me which products are best for these choices. Blah blah blah.. ! I have not uses so many products so; I can’t tell them the concrete product. Sometimes I feel that I must have a lab physician hired to test the products and then tell to the questioners. Lol, it’s funny!

Yet I have a list of some amazing baby products that I recommend others to use them for their babies. I am going to state some baby products that are essential for you to have with and your baby really needs them you just can’t simply live without these baby products as they are safe and sound for your baby’s proper nourishment and care.

Here is my “Must have baby things” list that you must have in order to attain the complete care of your cutest baby. These are not pretty enough and lot of things but it will surely fulfill your needs and will never leave you in trouble of any kind.

  • Bibs Anais Burpy+ Aden:

The shape of these bibs lies totally over your shoulder while snapping the neck of your baby with more area coverage. Theses bibs are better than that of other casual bibs. These bibs are particularly great fit for the babies having acid reflux.

  • Sleep sheep- cloud b:

Cute sheep that sounds amazingly and your kid will fall asleep quickly with this thing turned on.

  • Medela trouble-free Expression Bustier:

The hands-free propelling bra is completely essential if you would like to check your received emails while you are pumping; here strapless means that you will not have to completely remove clothes to get it on.

  • Boon nude Collapsible infant Bathtub:

This is an amazing for your newly born babies as this tub is made for your babies and toddlers. The specialty of this tub is that it folds very generously and can be packed in a bag and taken anywhere you desire to take. Moreover, you can hang this tub in the backside of your door as well.

  • Soothie Pacifiers; Philips AVENT:

There are some people who dislike using pacifiers for their babies. When your kid will start sucking or biting his own thumb, this could be really hard for you to take away the habit later in time. Kids get so addicted that it is really hard for them to leave their habit. You can’t divert them on other pacifiers too when it’s too late. Soothies are also a great thing for babies to relieve them from pain. They are so amazing that fits in baby’s mouth easily and relaxed the gums. You know that babies try to suck or bite everything in front of them and thus hurt themselves by doing so. So, you must have soothies with you.

  • Ergo baby:

There might be great baby carrier products in the market but the one I have found to be most useful and beneficial for parents is Ergo baby carrier. It is the one that I like amongst the all other kinds and I suggest it to you. Ergo baby carriage comes with a front pocket that allows you to easily access pacifier or your credit cards. This also allows you a diaper bad free walk around the park.

  • Snot sucker; Nose Frida:

This is a really great product for babies. If the nose Frida mistakenly went against a general hospital mark aspirator, that aspirator will be covering itself with its own snot in the corner.

  • Boppy Pillow:

Boppy pillow acts as a lounger for the baby and it has become my favorite baby product. I just love it.

  • Gerber Pre-fold cloth Diapers:

These are super absorbing clothes that will take you out of worry about the rashes due to the urine that might cause the distress to your baby. Whether you cloth a diaper or not, these cloth diapers are going to make a really cheap burp clothes. They absorb more than that of other diapers.

  • Boba Wrap:

In the few first months after the birth of the baby, these wrapping clothes are a great need for you to cover your babies and wrap them in. these are comfortable and easy to use in the home.

  • Long-Sleeve; Onesies by means of Mitts:

These mitts are really important for you and your baby. This will make your kid sleep longer than average time due to the added warmth of it. Moreover, it will save your kid from scratching his own face. It is the best thing to keep your kid’s hands covered than gloves. They are easy to be used and provide a great comfort to the babies.

  • Blanket Swaddle; the Miracle:

I have tried a lot of blanket swaddle and I must say these are a great thing for babies. They have arm wings that are built in to support arms and keep them inside the blanket. Your baby will not disturb you by interfering with hands during the time of diaper change. You must have it.


I am not missing anything, right?


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