My baby cries in car seat

My baby cries in car seat
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You are in a hurry, and you have to go somewhere immediately, in your car. Before setting his first foot in the car, your baby was happy, but as soon you put him in car, he started crying. Right from the start, till the end of your journey, you were hearing your baby crying and this made you deaf.  This isn’t the first time for you, every time you go somewhere this happens. You are now frustrated and irritated, and you are in a grave need for a solution.

Let me tell you one thing, you are no alone in this struggle, there are many parents, who are facing the same rush in baby’s voice and he set foot in the car.

Relaxing yourself

After hearing your baby’s loud and screaming voice, you might become upset, feel anxious, stressed and miserable for yourself. When you hear him screaming at top gear, this really shatters your heart. Being able to do nothing, you started feeling paranoid, and you blood pressure is sky rocketing. Every time this happens and there is nothing you can do to relax the situation. You are probably now an addict of this situation.

There might be one thing triggering in your mind, that your baby might want to come in your arms. And this is entirely impossible, because you are driving the car and for your and baby’s safety, you must concentrate on road. Take some huge deep breaths and lay focus on road. Keep concentrating on road and for that try mind fullness and breathe. If you aren’t able to get relax, then this will only take things from bad to worse.

Checking your imagination

Some times what you imagine, becomes your feeling. You start acting like the same way, as you are imagining. If you are only thing that you made a bad choice by bringing the baby on board and how much unpleasant the situation in now. Then you will start acting the same way, making yourself even more fragile to the ongoing situation.

There is a remedy for this situation, divert your mind and start thinking about good memories and thoughts. Your favorite mantra should be that this situation will also pass like all others. Start reminding yourself that things will get better and better, these are just a couple of bad days.

Calm down by playing something on the radio

Check your baby’s nerve, on which song it turns quiet and which song triggers him again. Listening to music is a good therapy for you and your kind plus it will also make your ride memorable. If there isn’t something on radio to put off the situation. Then plug in some favorite nurse rhymes for your baby, and sing along with it. Start your own party, with your very own baby and in your very own car.  With this duet hit, your baby will gradually relax and ultimately you can enjoy some peace in the car and in your mind too.

Having a relative in car

This is a great idea. Now you and your baby both will have a company, the person with you in the car, will be a great source of comfort. Keep one thing in mind, don’t board another baby, which will make your situation worse but have an old enough companion, who will cheer up the situation.

By making silly face, interacting and playing with the kid, he can distract baby’s mind. He can also play his favorite song for him. And when your baby’s will have a company, you will be hearing his giggles, that are worth the trouble. Give them something to play with such as toys, books and colors, so they can distract their mind.

Taking regular intervals

This is also another great idea. Make some stops. Those will eventually help you and also the baby. But while taking breaks, keep the time in your mind. You don’t want to miss something important. There can be few reasons, if the baby starts crying again. May be your baby is feeling hungry and wants something to eat, if the journey is taking too long. Or they might want some cuddle, if it’s a short journey.

Cuddles are a power trick, they will make them laugh, cheer you up and also the environment of the car with be pleasant. After resuming your journey, don’t immediately strap them back with them seat. Let them enjoy too.

Huge baby mirrors

Installing a huge baby mirror at the back of your car seat is a good idea. This mirror will work both ways. You can also keep an eye on your baby and see what your baby is doing. And your baby can also feel and see your presence in the car. According to some psychological evaluations, when baby’s find their loved one’s with them, they feel and secured and cry less. Your physical presence will also shatter their fear of abandonment and make them much relax.

DVD players

These DVD players are not heavy on the pocket as they used to be. But now you can afford one, without spending some fortunes. It doesn’t matter, if it’s a long journey or short. You live in the city or in country. Play them their favorite cartoons or music on the screen and the atmosphere of car will be nothing but filled with baby laughs

Shorting trips, where ever they are possible

There are some emergency trips, where is presence is meaningful and important. You can surrender yourself in front of your baby and go there. But your presence isn’t required everywhere, cut your trips. Be at home with your baby and create some everlasting and evergreen memories. Release the pressure, and call your friends and family at your home. Tell them how much hard it is, to get along with a baby in the car.

While your baby is getting over this car syndrome and while your baby cries in car seat, public transports are an excellent alternative. And if your journey can be covered with a walk, take out your baby cart and move. You can also put him in your lap and talk to him, telling him about the surrounding. The baby will not be able to get a word from you but this really is a great way, to cut time.


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