Natural Cures for Morning Sickness

Natural Cures for Morning Sickness
September 17 10:34 2016


What triggers vomiting and nausea while pregnancy?

The nausea is triggered by the intense heights while pregnancy hormones rushing through the body. It is a much known experience and on average from ten pregnant ladies, eight of them had to go through either vomiting or nausea. When you are having the baby, your body generates human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone is vast production. In the initial weeks of pregnancy, these hormones make it their duty to check whether the baby needs or being fulfilled by the body or not. Human chorionic gonadotrophin stage fall and your nausea should calm, once the placenta gain control over harboring the little one.

While pregnancy some hormones will also share their part for sickness and nausea counting stress hormones for example cortisol. Lacking in specific nutrients counting magnesium and vitamin B6, will also move forward for integrating major sickness while pregnancy. It feels disgusting being sick till you are having plenty to drink and not throwing off some weight; the well being of your baby and your health will not be affected.

And if everything went well, your morning sickness will be vanished from approximately 14 to 16 weeks. And in some rare cases, it might prolong but only for a short span of time. And there are also some unlucky ones who had to go through with nausea and vomiting throughout pregnancy. If you are facing a lot of sickness and you are not being able to maintain even water then it is high time to see your midwife. These may be the symptoms of a serious type of pregnancy sickness known as hperemesis gravidarum.  Hyperemesis gravidarum will also affect your hydration and will cause under nourished, and this may lead you to a hospital treatment.

How to restrict nausea from causing troubles?

It is not easy to restrict nausea from causing any kind of trouble. This is a normal yet natural part of pregnancy.  But you have the tricks in hand to stop it completely inflecting any kind of serious trouble.

Reciprocal and relaxation treatments might help you to put off your stress levels. Have as much rest as you can and don’t work at all or for long hours. Your mouth should be working throughout the day, but you should eat little every time. And check for the food which will make your symptoms rush back. Fatty, rich, highly spiced food and fried food mostly make your condition pretty bad.

Food enriched in vitamin B6, for example bananas, avocado and chicken will help you, try these. Having vitamin B medication might minimize your nausea suffering if you take in the pills but certainly they will not take away your vomiting.  Have a chat with your mid-wife before having any kind of medications while pregnancy. If your condition is getting worse, do not worry about having a calibrated food structure at this level. In the later stages of pregnancy, you and your baby will meet up the nutrients level, when your nausea would be reduced to minimal levels.

The most important thing is to keep you well hydrated.

Which of the reciprocal therapies will work?

We are not certain that any therapy will work on you and take your morning sickness away. But felling trashed out while the pregnancy time is also miserable but anything which will make you feel better is worth a try. We have some therapies which will make you feel better which going to a therapist and if you are interested to see one, then make it sure a therapist who is an expert with pregnant women and insured.

Acupressure and Acupuncture

For the first three months, acupuncture can help with the dry retching and nausea and it has been proved, but not for vomiting. Researchers have proved that after having acupuncture, you feel relived from nausea and also after chemotherapy and surgery. There is no time fixed to have acupressure, whenever you feel stressed or sick, you can calm yourself by pressing the acupuncture point on your wrist.  And you also purchase wristbands that will come handy while applying the pressure.

Check it, which is the button on the band, is on its place on the acupuncture point and to locate this

  • Making use of only one hand, which is inside of your against wrist, scale up to three finders breadth from the starting line of your arm and hand.
  • At the position where you have your third finger, remove the pressure unless you are in touch with the skin and also feeling a bit for a slight dip. Push this into the dip for a short depth and you will see bruise.
  • Station the switch on the wristband at this specific gentle point on both of the wrist.

When you are going through the pain of nausea, push on the switch per wrist for about 20 to 30 times per second break. And if you lose your wristbands, you can take someone’s help to do this task for you on the two wrists together or you can plainly push on these two points.


One thing is with guaranty that this therapy will comfort you but the smell of the oils sued in it might trigger your nausea for worse. And to check, if it will work on you, essential oil that will comfort you from nausea are

  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Lim
  • Mandarin
  • Sweet orange

When it comes to the use of ginger essential oil, some of the aroma therapists believe it might lead to bleeding and start contraction, so you have to use it with care and caution.

Herbal Therapies

To get out of pregnancy sickness, ginger teas or fresh ginger are mostly used. But it also depends on how much reactive you are to specific flavors and smells. In some cases use of ginger might take you from bad to worse or also give you heart-burns.  If you are looking for something that suits you as you are and give an effective remedy then surely you can choose from Chinese medicines. It comprises on the tradition of yang and yin and some other 180 degree factors such as cold and heat.

As per Chinese therapist, ginger is a yang (hot) therapy. And it will trigger your sickness for worse, if you are already too much hoot. But Ginger will comfort you it you are

  • Likely to bound you up in the bundles of blankets and clothing’s.
  • Have the feelings of worst, uninterested or introspective around your environment.
  • In need of a lot of hot drinks
  • Look and feel cold

Ginger bear and biscuits are not the remedy for you because of the fact that they have a huge portion of sugar which triggers high blood sugar and low blood sugar, making you feel more miserable. And as a matter of fact, these biscuit do not much of the ginger which will do some good on you. Making tea from grated ginger too is also beneficial for you. Put two teaspoon of ginger in the boiling water, forget it to cool down and then drink it throughout the day. Do not cross the limit of having more than three teaspoon or 3g of raw ginger per day. There are ginger capsules too which will help you if you are not comfortable with the tea.

Peppermint is a yin (cold) therapy in Chinese medication book. It might be comfortable for you, if you are

  • Feeling hot and hot, and wanted to take off the layers of clothing from you
  • Want to have some cool drinks, to calm yourself
  • Red faced and feeling hot and disturbed
  • Hot tempered and feeling irritating.

Spearmint tea or sipping peppermint will help you in this situation. And in this case sugar free peppermint chewing and sweets might also do the trick for you. And one more thing spearmint essential oils doesn’t fit with everyone, as the heavy smell could take you from bad to wrose.


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