New Choice Pregnancy Test Review

New Choice Pregnancy Test Review
November 10 12:12 2016

The new choice pregnancy test is the cheapest one in the market. We are going to check the test, view how it performs, discuss regarding the test’s accuracy and check out what people are telling about this product. Every women contains her own opinion about that pregnancy test is suitable for her. Checking out you are pregnant is the finest moments in the life and availing a test which will supply exact results is essential. That is the main reason why large number of women are choosy regarding the kind of pregnancy test they avail. A wrong test can create you think unnecessarily bad, that is why utilizing a reliable test is important.

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New choice pregnancy test features

It is ninety percent accuracy. It gives results within one minute. The direction to use is seen in English and Spanish. There is one test box and you can detect up to five days early.

How it works

It is very simple and easy to use. New choice checks HCG hormone levels in urine to know whether implantation has taken place. This procedure is availed in virtually each over the counter test and is popular for the high accuracy rate, particularly if a positive outcome is identified. The hormone will be seen only if the placenta develops around the baby. Wrong positive tests are rare, that creates the product accurate with claims of more than ninety nine percent accuracy rates. The usage of new choice is very simple. Just removes the product from the package, keep it in urine and wait for about one to two minutes seeing the results.


The test will show one pink line and two pink lines. When two lines are shown, this shows that a woman is pregnant. But the second pink line does not want to be dark to get a positive result. Certain times, the HCG levels are not solid enough to compel a dark line, but a pale line still refers that the lady is pregnant. Since HCG is seen only if a women is pregnant, a test which displays a positive is ninety nine percent accurate in most of the times. It should be kept in mind that the test can be fault when it is negative. The tests results that are negative are according to the amount of HCG seen in the urine. This test does mention that it can identify pregnancy five days early, only a fifty percent detection level. Any lady that tests negative will need to wait till the day after the missed period to retest and get the accurate results. The level of sensitivity of the test is 25 miU/ml, that is very sensitive than other tests on the market.

Most of the women have said that the test has been capable to take up the pregnancy with a ten miU/ml or below in certain situations. Completely, this test is simple as sensitive as most of the tests seen on the market and says that it can expect a pregnancy about five days early, the effective test predicts simply six days early. The pregnancy hormone which all tests measure for pregnancy is HCG. It is a component of the egg which keeps the corpus leteum at the time of pregnancy. The corpus leteum produce progesterone that is required to create blood vessels to product and thick uterus lining and feed the developing fetus.HCG or human chorionic gonadoropin is also to guard the fetus from prospective disease and quick up fetal growth.

There are reports that while women feel higher level of morning sickness, there are always greater levels of HCG in the blood. On these days it is easy for women to check out whether they are pregnant or not. There are number of tests found at stores that differ in price. Women should remember one thing, is to follow the directions properly. Test outcomes will differ in accuracy if the directions are not followed well or if an individual interprets the outcome differently than anticipated. Even though several test claim that lady can take the test soon, it is good to wait for minimum one week past the missed period. The pregnancy test are very simple, based on the brand the individual purchases.


How other feel

Amazon website sells this and there have been nineteen reviews till now. The key problem among purchasers is that the test can be bought at dollar tree for simply one dollar versus the three dollar on Amazon. The primary reason for the greater cost is getting the test supplied to your door steps. Most of the other tests have a price of fifteen dollars; still they make the similar accurate outcome with the similar amount of accuracy. This test is good than the costly brands. The reflection of a 3.5 star is just because of women that say they could receive the similar product at the store. For the privacy and convenience level of shipping to the door, the included expense is actually negligible. How women think about the pregnancy test differs. Few women do not consider it is any worse or better other test found in the market. But many women stated that the outcome of the new choice is not so clear. Few women see pale evaporation lines which might visible soon or hours after the test was carried. Moreover, some report that on utilizing this test, the full window turned pink and so not able to read the test. Some women stated that half of the window changes pink, creating it hard to check whether there is a second line to show pregnancy.


You can identify the positive results of pregnancy within five days early. It is the cheapest pregnancy test available in the market. It is very easy and simple to use. The new choice is ninety nine percent accurate and you can get the result within one minute.


It is available in one pack only.


Whatever a women likes when she assumes she is pregnant, there are plenty of choices. It is according to her preference to take a best choice. There may be problems with accuracy for the test bought. The new choice pregnancy test provides a good choice that saves amount and offers good results than other test found in the market.

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