Pregnancy food guide

Pregnancy food guide
January 04 08:04 2017


Pregnancy comes with one too many dietary restrictions that are difficult to keep up with but very important to understand so you can best take care of yourself for the sake of the little one growing inside you. Because there are so many foods that pregnant women are told to avoid, it is very common to find a lot of questions and confusion on what to eat and what not to eat. Let us look at some of the leading foods that people are always asking if they should eat or not during pregnancy.


Is it safe to eat hot dogs during pregnancy?

Hot dogs are not blacklisted during pregnancy; you can eat hot dogs but with caution. Hot dogs are prepared using processed sausage and as with all processed meat chances of finding dangerous bacteria are very high. Bacteria called Listeria can easily enter and infect processed foods during packaging. If the bacteria are passed on to the growing baby in the uterus a miscarriage can occur.


The safest way to eat things like hotdogs during pregnancy is by heating the food to at least 160F and eating it while it is still hot. Heating food kills bacteria and Listeria; the most common in processed food is killed at around 160F.

It helps keeping the quantity of processed foods consumed during pregnancy to the minimum.


Is it safe to eat Mushrooms during pregnancy?

There is a huge confusion about eating mushrooms during pregnancy. Some people say mushrooms are not safe to eat when you’re pregnant. Well the fact is it is safe to eat mushrooms when you’re pregnant. You just need to take a few precautions so you do not eat dangerous mushrooms or those infested with bacteria. In fact, mushrooms contain large amounts of essential vitamins and zinc. Vitamin B and zinc are important during pregnancy as they help with the growth of the baby.

To avoid consume mushroom infested with dangerous strands of bacteria you have to wash them very well before eating.

To avoid eating poisonous mushrooms you should avoid eating wild mushrooms. Most wild mushrooms are poisonous and as such it is best that you eat the mushrooms food in grocery stores, especially the reputable brands. Do not eat mushrooms that you pick yourself outside in the woods.


Is it safe to eat Grapefruit during pregnancy?

Many people hear that they should not eat grapefruit when they are under medication and translate this to do not eat grapefruit during pregnancy too. Pregnant women can eat grapefruit; in fact grapefruit possesses really incredible nutrition value that includes vitamin C and A. Just like any other fruits and veggies, you should wash grapefruit thoroughly before eating them.



Is it safe to eat Cheese during pregnancy?

Cheese possesses particular danger during pregnancy when it is unpasteurized. Unpasteurized cheese can very dangerous bacteria like Listeria. Listeria causes food poisoning and can lead to miscarriage when it infects the unborn baby.

You might ask why you can eat unpasteurized cheese when you are not pregnant and not get food poisoning only to get it when you are pregnant. During pregnancy your body is in a state of immunity suppression, as such it is vulnerable to contracting infections easily.

So it is safe to eat cheese during pregnancy but only if it is pasteurized cheese. The good thing is most cheese sold in the supermarket is pasteurized cheese and it is mentioned on the packaging.


Is it safe to eat Mango during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe to eat Mangoes during pregnancy. Mangoes have a very high nutritional value that is quiet beneficial to both the expecting mum and the little baby growing inside of her. Mangoes contain high volumes of Vitamins A, B6 and C, folic acid, iron and other minerals that are important for pregnancy to progress smoothly and healthy. They also contain high fiber, which can be very useful in reducing pregnancy related constipation.

However, mangos also contain very high sugar and calories. If you eat too much of them you can risk developing a condition known as gestational diabetes. This is when blood glucose level rise to a very high level that can be dangerous to both the mother and the unborn child.

In general though, mangoes are cleared for consumption during pregnancy, particularly if you have a craving for sweet staff.



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