Pregnancy Sex Myths

Pregnancy Sex Myths
January 15 22:00 2017

People, especially first time would-be moms, usually avoid sex during pregnancy due to various fears or myths and put a number of excuses for not having sex like headache etc. But it cannot be possible as nine months is quite a long time to wait for both, man and woman, to live without sex. Moreover a number of health experts recommend having sex during normal pregnancy as there are very few chances of any complication due to it, if any complication does not exist already.

Still there are several myths and fears that restrain people from enjoying sex during pregnancy. Some of these myths are briefly discussed here under to help you in evaluating these doubts logically.

Myth 1: Deep penetration can be harmful for the fetus

It is one of the biggest myths related to sex during pregnancy. According to health experts, during pregnancy your vagina gets stretched and creates a natural gap between the opening of your uterus or cervix and the penis, even if the size of penis of your sex partner is considerably big. They further suggest that a plug made of thick mucus seals your cervix to close it and protect your baby during sex. Moreover inside your uterus your baby exists in a hanging position in its amniotic sac, designed naturally to keep him snug and safe in any condition.


Myth 2: Miscarriage can be caused due to contractions during orgasm

According to health service providers, the small cramps usually felt after having sex are normal activities caused by a bit tightening of the muscles of your uterus. These contractions will not harm your fetus unless your pregnancy has some other high-risk factors. These contractions can be classified into two different types – one of them is felt during and after the orgasm and the other type of contractions include the labor contractions which come at regular interval and are painful. But none of them can cause miscarriage in normal conditions.



Myth 3: Sex can encourage labor

This myth is normally popular among old ladies. Medical experts are of the view that after sex you can get a contraction due to the hormones present in the semen. The myth is based on the idea that sex during pregnancy can push you to labor, if you are close to due date or crossed it. But, in fact, it does not happen like that. Though in hospitals the hormone present in the semen, prostaglandin, is used to increase the labor but it cause contractions of much higher level as compared to the semen, being synthetic. Health care experts would have advised all the pregnant women to refrain from sex during pregnancy if semen would have enough potential to kick-start labor. But that is not the case in normal conditions.


Myth 4: Bleeding after sex can be the sign of damage to the fetus

You can be afraid of seeing little blood down there during pregnancy but you should not worry if it happens during or after the sex in such condition. It is a very common thing. According to health experts, the explanation behind it is that your cervix gets very soft, sensitive and flexible during pregnancy and can start bleeding just by touching it with anything. But you need not worry about it unless the bleeding is excessive or out of control. You should call your health care provider in abnormal conditions.


Myth 5: Your baby will know about your sex secrets

It is one of the most mistaken myths related to sex during pregnancy. Have you ever come across anyone who knows about the sexual activities of his parents who have enjoyed it at that time? Your baby can feel your movements but he cannot tell the exact cause of that movement. According to experts there is no evidence that the child in the womb can get psychological or physical harm due to sex during pregnancy, even if it can pick up the movements and sounds during his stay in the uterus. In fact, he is not able to understand or interpret such things even after his birth.


Myth 6: sex during pregnancy can hurt you

According to sex experts you may not like that your partner spread over your belly while making sex during pregnancy,y due to fear of being hurt. In such condition you can experience certain other positions to enjoy sex. These positions can be sitting on the side of the bed while standing your partner in front of you, sitting in the lap of your sex partner or you on the top of your partner. Any of these positions can help you in having more enjoyment during pregnancy than ever. Main reasons behind it is that the endings of your nerves become more sensitive and your genitals swell up during pregnancy and the oxytocin hormone that maintains your pregnancy, ignites desire for sex in such condition.


Myth 7: Oral sex is not possible

It is also a very popular myth regarding having sex during pregnancy. But thanks to god that it is not true. It can be used as a convenient option for both the sex partners when they are fed up of actually having intercourse during such condition. But while taking oral sex during pregnancy you should be careful. You should not allow your partner to blow air directly and forcefully into your vagina as it can cause an air bubble in your blood stream which can be life threatening for you as well as your baby.


So, you can enjoy sex even during your pregnancy as the fears and myths attached to it have no scientific proof to be true. Having sex in such condition does not hurt your baby as he is protected by the strong muscles of your uterus and amniotic sac in which he hangs. But still you should be careful while having sex during pregnancy as it can increase the risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted infections like HIV, herpes, genital warts or Chlamydia etc. which can be harmful not only for you but for your baby also.




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