Pregnant and Single

Pregnant and Single
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Women are filled with reasons, when the topic is single and pregnant. For example, your partner had just partitioned ways with you and you are left with no choice, but to have this kid on your own.  In these whole nine months, sometime you will vanquish your fears other times you might be crushed with those fears. Your confident level will sky rocket sometime and other times it will be shattered. In short, these nine months, you will face mixed emotions, good and bad days, all altogether. And this will be like a test before becoming a mother.

For single mothers, pregnancy will be much harder, than couple or married partners. The below mentioned information will be useful for you as a single mother.

Seeking for support

After becoming pregnant, the one main thing single woman is in short of, that is the support from baby’s father. You might not think of it as a huge deal, but it definitely is something to pounder about. The loneliness will make the situation much worse for you. You need a continuous and full fledge support on your path to become a mother. You are in need of someone, who will fill the shoes or the emptiness created by your ex-partner. You can take help from your family and friends. Their help might bridge the gap. You are in grave need of someone, who will always be there for you, after a long tough day at work. Or in the hard times of pregnancy, someone who can share your laugh and tears. Someone who can give you ray of hope and reconstruct your broken dreams.

Take help

There is no point of proving something to someone. And certainly, you should not take it personally by doing everything by yourself. There should be two aims fixed in your mind, health and happiness of you and your baby. Nothing more than this. to stay healthy and happy, you should accept someone’s hand. Which is signaling help. If you are having your mother at home and you are dealing with morning sickness. Let her do, cleaning, chores and other house works. When you have entered third trimester, and you are feeling back aches than it is high time, to accept all help offers. Don’t think of yourself as some supermom, your priority should be the wellness of your baby and everything else can wait in line.

Having conversions with Professionals

Single parenting will be like a burden on your shoulder. You need help every now and then. Take some experts opinion. Take help from those single mothers, who have tasted what was it like. These people can be in or out of your family, go to them and ask questions. Ask them to give their best advices, life hacks and tips, which will get you out alive from pregnancy. Be realistic in your choice and expectations, that is the best thing that you can do for yourself. For being realistic, ask them what was it really like and how to coup in hard times.

Make Single Mum friends

Your single mother friends, will draw the best picture for you. Go to them, because there you will have the feelings of being accepted. All of you will be having some common ground to talk about, and how was it. You should have enough single mother friends, who have had the same experience. To best method to find out the single mothers in your town or city is start socializing. Go for the yoga and aerobics classes. Join the baby group in your town. These classes will yield benefit to you because now you will easily find some single mothers, who are always there for your help. If you are not interested in going out, go for blogging websites, social media platforms. You can also find plenty of pregnant and single mothers here.

Seeking flexibility

These nine months have a lot to show you. You will be experiencing a new life. There will be sickness around the corner, or aches and fatigues with other pregnancy syndrome. Write to your office or working place and ask them for day off or leave. Don’t pile yourself up with work because it will not do good for you instead things might turn worse. Painful nights with not get you early on work. Go to your boss and discuss your situation with him. Ask him to give you some leverage, as you already are going through some hard times. Ask for his permission, if he can allow you to work from home, or adjust your time accordingly, you can start late or sign off early, as fits best for you. In these hard times employers are more generous and helpful towards their employees so don’t be afraid. They will be happy to help you.

Getting Financial Aid

There are many welfare organizations, who are having the resources to help you out. File a law suit, against the father, if he isn’t helping you out with money problems. Research for ways, by which you can get money, which is vital in these hard times.

Choosing a birth partner

Choosing the right birth partner will be a lot helpful to you. His invaluable services, will make things easy for you. You can select anyone from your friends or family. The person who is wise but supportive and is always there to comfort you, when you need him the most. It isn’t necessary that the partner should be a male, you can also call your female friends, sister or your own mother. You might be thinking, that it is a lot to ask and who will help me out through this but many people feel hounded to help you out. After choosing the right partner, tell them in these times you are going to need their help. Or in short set some ground rules with them.

Staying positive

This is the most important thing. Being a single pregnant mother is hard but staying positive is what you can do. Look on the bright side of the windows. Such as now you are having the full authority to decide name. you can raise the child as you wish and there will be no need to compromise on parenting.


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