Rexall Pregnancy Test Review

Rexall Pregnancy Test Review
January 24 10:29 2017

Rexall has acquired a fitting reputation for producing quality healthcare products. One of these products is the pregnancy testing kit, which is the focus of this review. The Rexall pregnancy testing kit comes with an instruction manual that lays down the basic instructions of using the product. This not only makes it easy for one to test for pregnancy, but it also guides the woman on the most fitting time to take the test. There is usually an optimal time to perform a pregnancy test, and the results obtained from this test can reliably be used to inform and guide the decisions made.

This is important considering that a positive pregnancy test is likely to make the pregnant mother happy, and she can even start to plan for her baby by purchasing the merchandise required by the baby when it is born. This also implies that the woman who was informed that she was pregnant will be deeply distressed when she finds out that she has not conceived. A good pregnancy test must eliminate such uncertainties. For this reason, the review of any pregnancy test must key in on the accuracy and precision of the results obtained.


Rexall: Accuracy versus Precision

Rexall affirms that its pregnancy tests are both accurate and precise. Even so, with regards to pregnancy tests, the accuracy of the results is much better than the precision of the results. This is the basis of reliability of the test. An accurate test means that the results provided have minimum errors, and that a positive test is most likely a true positive. Precision on the other hand means that repeated tests using the same testing kit will produce results that negligibly differ from each other, and this means that all the results obtained can be positive, but they could all be false positives.

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False Positives

As mentioned, precision is of secondary importance when it comes to pregnancy tests while accuracy is of key importance, and the principal reason for this is explained hereafter. During the pregnancy test, the results may show that the woman is pregnancy even though in reality, she has not conceived. This kind of result is known as a false positive,but_big_7 and its effects are far-reaching, and sometimes disastrous. An accurate result implies that the results of the pregnancy are only positive when the woman has conceived, and negative when she has not conceived. These results are respectively described true positives and true negatives.

Faulty testing kit or improper testing procedure can lead to one receiving either false positive or a false negative. However, repeated testing can point out the error as some of the results received can be true positives or true negatives, and this points to a lack of precision. However, if the same testing kit is used to test for pregnancy, the likelihood of one receiving false positives or false negatives in all the results is much higher, and this points to precision of results even though the results are wrong. Therefore, accurate results determine how reliable the pregnancy test is, and is used to gauge the quality of any pregnancy test. So, how accurate is the pregnancy test provided by Rexall?

Rexall advises the person using the pregnancy test on the right time to test for pregnancy. Timing is critical because pregnancy testing at the wrong time definitely provides inaccurate results. According to the instruction sheet provided by Rexall, women are advised to test for pregnancy eleven days after sex. The 11 days time windows allows the fertilized ovum to develop into a zygote and this in turn allows the body to release significant amount of a specific hormone, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). As more hormone is released into circulation, then more of the hormone is eliminated through urine, and therefore the urine can be tested for the presence of hCG. If the hormone is present, then the woman is pregnant, and the results should show a true positive. Generally, first morning urine should be used as it is the most concentrated urine as compared to urine produced during other time. Also, the collected urine should be tested as early as possible to avoid conducting the test on an expired sample.


Rexall is exceptionally sensitive to hCG and it can therefore detect pregnancy quite early. Likewise, the instruction set provides the right instructions on how to avoid contamination of the urine sample. Contamination is the leading cause of false positives, as some contaminants mimic the chemical composition and structure of hCG. Likewise, Rexall notes which medications can interfere with the results of the pregnancy test. This means that when used properly, Rexall pregnancy test is quite accurate and precise.

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