Seriously! Have more kids and make your life easier

Seriously! Have more kids and make your life easier
August 15 08:47 2016

Sounds unbelievable to you right? I would bet it is and for good reason too! We are used to the idea of children often being a pain in the ass. Therefore, to think that having more than one would be easier than having less would just be unimaginable for many people. It is more likely to shock people who are not sure they want to have any at all! Regardless of how it sounds however and the number of kids you have planned, having more kids is very likely to make your life easier in more ways than one.

In fact, this article contains a list of the reasons why you should consider having one more child. For instance, if you have 2 or 3 kids already, you might find that raising 4 kids is much easier than raising 2 or even 3. This write-up is meant to open your eyes to the great part of having a more kids to take care of. You may even find that you don’t have to put off your hobby to make time for another baby. In fact, I have found that for some strange reasons, it takes just the same or about the same amount of time to get 4 kids ready for school as it would take if they were just 3.

Like I said I expect a lot of push backs on this one. But before you hang me, please hear me out. Just put off your objections for a few minutes and go through my list of 5 reasons why having more kids might make your life much easier. We will have time to discuss your comments when you have read the article.

5 Reasons Why Having More Kids Might Make Your Life Easier


1. The Kids Would Plat Longer Together Once The New Child Comes:

You may not have thought of this but with an extra kid in the mix, a group of children seem to always find a lot more ways to entertain themselves. I don’t know if they hold a meeting where the new kid brings in some fresh ideas or something but I can tell you for free and from experience that they will play together for longer and give you the much needed alone-time every once in a while. This is a huge difference to when you have only one child who needs you as his play-partner. In addition, since he only has you as his play partner, he needs a lot more toys to keep himself occupied, hence you end up spending a lot more on play toys that the average group of kids would ever need.


2. Ready Made Best Friends.

It has come as a surprise to some mothers that the new kid seems to need them a lot less than they were used to. This is because the child has siblings who watch out for him and helps him understand the ground rules. For examples, my kids are more or less each other’s best friends. Although occasionally best friends turn to worst enemies but that shouldn’t be too much for you to handle knowing fully well that they will switch back to “best-friends-mode” just as quickly. Additionally, you would agree that it is kind of reassuring to know your kids would stand up and protect each other when you are not around and is often the case in the crazy little word we live in.

3. More hands to help

You would be surprised at how much help a 5 year old could offer in raising your new baby. The thing with giving kids the responsibility of raising younger ones is that they have little time to be mischievous themselves. They can help you clean up the sitting room table for example. Now that you have older kids around to help and more experience too, you would find that it is much easier to raise your next baby than it was to raise the last one because you have more hands to help, albeit little hands.


4. Helps your kids grow up

I have come to realize that toddlers seem to act a lot less like babies when they can see that the roll has been taken by the new one. Kids with younger ones seems to learn more about responsibility than those without. This is because most children by instinct also want to help raise and protect their younger brother/sister and this is very good for them as they progress into adulthood which is filled with responsibilities.

5. Life seems a lot easier and sweeter too

While raising a bunch of kids, you get to manage chaos very frequently, so much that you develop the calmness and confidence to handle whatever life throws at you. Many parents have reported that having more kids gave them a sense of fulfillment and happiness than when they had less. Secondly, you learn early as a parent that raising kids is such a lovely experience that the only downside is that they seem to grow up too quick. The advantage of having a few of them is that you get to experience raising babies into adulthood a few times over and that is worth the stress for many people.
When it comes to the subject of childbirth, there are always a million different opinions to be weighed. One thing that is commonly accepted by all though is that it takes a bit of sacrifice to say the least. This is probably why people have the erroneous believe that the more kids you have the more stress you have to go through. This article is only meant to open your eyes to some of the many advantages of having more kids than less. It is not to say you should have countless number of children without a plan, rather, it is to say if you have it in your heart to have one or two more children; you shouldn’t be scared. You shouldn’t be scared because you have passed the hardest part and it can only get easier.

Let us know your views on this though. Let’s have a discussion, how many kids do you want to have and why?

Why Having More Kids Might Make Your Life Easier