August 22 10:57 2016

Early year parenting is very much hard, especially at the night when you want to sleep like a baby, and irony is the baby does not let you sleep, and let you struggling at night through, and again you are going back to work next day drowsy, falling here and there. Your thought are mixed and because of previous night you are not able to hold things still and they keep falling apart.
Today we will point out the mistake that parents make and try to rectify them so that is better for both of them.

  • Skipping bed time routine: Most of the parents work, so after a long day at work they now wants to spend some time with their loved one, until the parents retire for bed and because of this the baby do not have a schedule for sleeping. The clock does not tick when it’s the right time for baby to fall asleep. It can be any time of the night. Late bed times leaves him cranky and due to this he refuses to sleep. A bed time routine is an easy strategy for a baby to fall asleep and things make a huge difference for him. One hour before you want the baby to sleep start setting the atmosphere by diming the lights, setting the curtains and prepare his bottle.
  • Ignoring sleep Clues: Babies and toddlers send out messages that now they are tired and wanted to go to sleep by eye rubbing their eyes,responce is getting too much slower and lossing their interest for people and play. If your baby missed the first opportunity to sleep then the baby will act “weird” and then a second window will be there for him to fall asleep. Keep an eye on your baby thought out the day and keep noticing or inquiring the times and patterns that the baby sets up before going to sleep. And if you are not able to approach those signals that dim the light for the baby, involve the baby in a general activity and let the baby become tired so he can sleep. This process involves your time and patience, better to notes that behavior of the baby before he wants to sleep.
  • Sleep clutches: The day was quite hectic and tiring at office and when you came home, you just want to go to sleep and do nothing else. But what about at 3 A.M, when your baby starts crying and is not going to sleep and you starts to rock, nurse, swing, sing, rub and his back. These are not bad things but your baby becomes addicted to this and draws a picture in his mind that every time that baby is willing to go to bed, he will have to go through this process. This means that every time the baby wakes up at night you will have to go to the same procedure, avoid the baby going to sleep through this. The remedy is put your child in a drowsy bed and let himself fall in asleep every time so at night the baby can help himself instead of creating noise.
  • Switching between bed and crib: This is a mistake that often parents make while the baby if growing. Do not move your baby from the crib until or unless the baby can jump out from the crib or is a potential danger for himself. Otherwise let your baby sleep in the crib until he is two years old, when almost every toddler is ready for bed. A crib’s side is also very much useful to help the baby stay in the bed because at such early stages the baby is not going to understand your verbal commands. If you are ready for this transformation then there are two channels for this.


A: The cold turkey method:

Simply remove the crib and replace it with a bed at the sample place and don’t forget to have guard rails on both sides of the bed.


B: The gradual approach:

It starts by removing the crib’s rail down, and replacing each side with a stool so that the baby can learn himself, and also place some soft pillows so each time it will help when the baby go out of the bed. This is a slow transition because the both crib and bed are present in the room and you have to get the naps in the bed and sleeps in the crib and at the bid night you decide that now the baby is ready for his bed sleeps.

  • Putting him sleep where ever who are: While driving to somewhere or doing something which requires very much of your time and mind, do not let the baby fall asleep there. Make him familiar with an environment where the baby is fall asleep every time and every day. You can work on this method and make a habit out of the baby to see and set a familiar environment before he goes to sleep.
  • Not going with the sleep schedule: Consistency blends perfectly with children, when it come to establish their sleep. A consistent night schedule helps the child feel sleepy and fall asleep every time before he goes to bed because the body is ready for this every time but changing the schedule will not help you but will throw you in troubles because the child’s body does not know when to sleep. Bed time struggles often forms when the parents doesn’t pay any heed to putting your child to bed to early when his body isnt stressed out and he have washed off a single swaet.
  • Letting them stay up late: It is a good idea for the teens to let them awake and finally the will go to sleep when they feel the urge for it but for babies it isn’t a good idea. The internal clock in a baby is a powerful tool which helps them awake every day on the same time. So, the parents who let their child stay up late are asking for some troubles the following day. Instead of this keep a set bed time for the baby and go through it every time. 



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