Spicy foods during pregnancy

Spicy foods during pregnancy
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Expecting mothers are required to pay special attention to their health and watch their diet closely. This means certain habits and foods might need to be put on pause or regulated for the duration of the pregnancy. One of the most common questions raised by the concerned expecting mothers concerns eating spicy foods during pregnancy. There is some belief that eating spicy foods during pregnancy is not safe for the baby ad can lead to deformations and complications related to birth. Many women wonder if these claims are true and we will respond to those concerns in this article.

According to research by specialist, there is not evidence suggesting or supporting that spicy food is harmful to the unborn baby. In fact, the reports are confident that the spicy foods have no effect on the developing baby. As such, the experts have concluded that such foods can indeed be consumed during pregnancy; they will not harm the baby during their uterus life and even after giving birth. The interesting thing to note from the research and studies is that babies born of mothers who ate spicy foods during pregnancy tend to develop a taste and liking to the spices later in life.

In as much as spicy food are safe during pregnancy, expecting mothers are advised to watch what they eat and particularly refrain from eating raw and undercooked meat, unpasteurized milk products and certain seafood. These foods have been proved to cause birth defects and or carry harmful microbes that are responsible for prenatal infections.

Although spicy foods are safe for pregnancy, they can cause a number of irritations to the pregnant mother herself. This does not apply to all women but some pregnant mothers tend to experience heartburns, increased nausea and other digestive issues when they eat spicy foods during pregnancy.


Spicy foods and morning sickness

As you may know, morning sickness or pregnancy-induced nausea is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. For some women the nausea and sickness disappears during the early pregnancy stage while in some it overstays until around the 10th week. If you ask around pregnant women, you will easily learn that their morning sickness is triggers by diverse sources that all link back to either certain tastes or smells. Spicy foods can trigger nausea and vomiting in some women during pregnancy due to their strong smells and particular tastes. You may find one person who enjoyed eating spicy foods during pregnancy but can no longer stand the sight, smell or taste of them when they are pregnant.

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Spicy food and Heartburns

Pregnant women are free to eat spicy foods whenever they like unless the foods bring out certain problems, in particular heartburns. Spicy foods have a habit of causing acid reflux from the stomach up the esophagus tract a condition known as heartburn. This is more common during the later stages of pregnancy. To soothe or calm a heartburn, take a glass of milk with your spicy foods or eat a spoonful of honey just after eating a meal comprised of spicy food.


Spicy foods and labor

It is said that spicy foods can induce labor if eaten towards the final stages of pregnancy. Experts say there is not proof to support this notion. Pregnant women are free to eat their spicy foods but should always keep an eye for any unusual developments with the body or the pregnancy. Any unusual change should be reported to a medical practitioner without delay.




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