Steps to inspire generosity in children

Steps to inspire generosity in children
August 25 08:23 2016

In the modern age, we have so many machines in our lives for doing different tasks. Mostly due to the so much interaction with the media also makes the human a machine. Nobody wants to talk with others. In this situation, the parent is so worried about their children that how to establish good qualities in their children. Today the parent has to work hard for making their child a good person. The parent is also worried that in the age of competition how to teach their children about the generosity. The generous is more successful in his life rather than the misery one. So there is also need to teach children about the generosity. As we are the human beings and are created by GOD to help others in the society.

Generosity does not only mean that to help the others with the money only. You can help others in so many ways. You can help the people by sorting out their problems and then giving the solution to them. To live peacefully and with love in this world, we should help others. So we should teach our children that how to help others and be a generous person. The children are so innocent and cute have no hate in their hearts so the children will learn generosity easily. Some researchers also prove that the children are more generous than elders. There are lots of method of teaching generosity to the children some of them are discussed below;

  • Givers and takers
  • Donation
  • Money is not scale
  • Donation on events
  • Humanity is value able than material stuff
  • Never show off


Children are like the blank papers their minds are just like the white paper so a parent can draw anything on their mind. The parent can teach very well about the generosity to their children. As the children are the future of the nation so a parent should always place the good things in the minds of their children. The generosity is the value able quality in nature. The parent should guide their children that generosity is a very good thing so be a generous person. Tell your children that givers are best than the takers so always the good child is to stand in the line of the givers. To help other is a kind act in one’s personality.


The parent should give others before their children to the needy people. If a parent will do donation, then a parent should do this in front of their children. The children will see this example also try to follow this noble example. The donation should be of anything, that is you can donate anything which you have in something in extra quantity. The things for the donation may be clothes, a pair of shoes or anything you can donate to the needy one.


Teach your children that money is not necessary for donation. For example, a parent can teach their children if your child has a chocolate then he can give half of his chocolate to his poor friend to share the happiness. Similarly, there may be lots of things that can be donated. Teach your children about generosity on the small scale like the children can share their things with other children of their class. In this way, the children will learn to give others. Sharing knowledge is also a kind of generosity.


We can do donations anytime anywhere in the world. There is no specific time for the generosity. Some people only make a donation on some events but it is not the right thing. We should donate all around the year. Because the needy people looking for the help all the year. So a parent can guide their children in this regard that there is no specific or fixed time of the donation.

The parent should teach their children that they can also donate their favorite thing to the needy people. In this way, the love for the materials in the hearts of the children get vanished. The children will prefer to help the needy people instead of becoming possess with their favorite thing.


The humanity is of more worth than the material things. We should not be materialistic and should prefer the human beings over the things. The parent can help their children to learn more about humanity by setting examples in their daily life. If there is a needy who needs your help you should help him. In this way, we can distribute the happiness and joy among the sad people.


Generosity is a very good quality that is to be developed in all the children but the generosity will be the best quality if there is no emotion of showing off your good deed to the people just to be praised by the people. This is the negative point that one is doing generosity for the sake of admiration. There should not be any hidden emotion like showing off at the time of donating your money or anything else for the poor and needy people. Teach your children all this stuff.

All the above discussed are the main points of teaching generosity to the children. The children will learn the generosity in a very short time the parent can make their children a good person in the future by installing good features in their children in their childhood. However, making your child a noble example for the others is really a tough job but it is not an impossible task to do. The parent has to do some extra task for enabling generosity in their children. The parent should share their ideas and views regarding generosity to their kids. The parent should also do some talk with their children so that parent could become aware of the thinking and activities of their children. If your child is going to help someone then a parent should guide their child to increase the confidence level in your child.


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