Stopping breastfeeding: Changes That Occur While And After

Stopping breastfeeding: Changes That Occur While And After
January 01 12:10 2017

It is clinically recommended that a baby should be breastfed for at least the first six months. This is because breast milk has a lot of nutrients that improves the general health of the baby. The milk also helps in boosting the immune system of the baby however, it might be necessary to stop breastfeeding because of various reasons. Some of the common reasons that compel mothers to stop breastfeeding include if breast feeding becomes painful because of problems with the breasts. The mother might also stop breastfeeding because of lifestyle issues such as going back to work. Furthermore, a mother might be compelled to stop breastfeeding because of becoming pregnant again. All what the mother needs is to know how to stop breastfeeding efficiently.

To stop breastfeeding properly the mother should start by gradually reducing the number of feeds. This means that if the baby breastfeed for five times a day the mother should start by making it four times. This should continue until the baby stops breastfeeding completely. To ensure the baby stays nourished the breast milk should be replaced by things such as formula. It is not advisable to introduce solid foods to the baby especially if the baby is very young. There are different types of formula and one should do proper research and even consult a professional doctor so as to know which is the most suitable formula for the baby.


While stopping breast feeding there are various changes that happens. These changes are physical and emotional. Physically, the breasts might start itching especially on the nipples. This is mainly because the mother is used to breastfeeding and therefore the nipples take time to get used to the changes. The breasts might also become swollen since they are used to processing certain quantities of milk. The breasts will still be producing milk but since the quantity of the milk being fed to the baby is reduced the breasts will swell.

Emotionally the mother might feel stressed. This is especially because of the emotional bond between the mother and child. Breastfeeding creates a strong bond which when broken it might affect the mother. The mother is already used to breastfeeding the child several times a day. Be reducing these times the emotional bond will become weaker and this might affect the mother. Consequently, the mother might feel anxious and stressed because of the bond being broken.

The hormones will also react when the mother is stopping breastfeeding. The hormones that are responsible for making the milk will reduce since the quantity of milk needed is reduced. These hormones might even cause emotional effects where the mother becomes more anxious. The hormones might also affect the digestive system and the mother might experience some issues such as lack of appetite. However, all these issues are temporary and after sometimes they will end completely. The mother needs to be prepared on how to tackle these changes. If the mother is not prepared properly the changes might affect even the child especially the emotional changes.

The physical changes

After completely stopping to breastfeed there are also changes that the mother experiences. The physical changes include having pain on the breast. This is attributed to the fact that the breasts are still making the milk but the milk is not coming out. Small drops of the milk might even come out therefore making the mother wet. There are various ways to deal with the physical changes that occur after completely stopping to breastfeed. The most common solution to this issue is getting the gadgets that help in removing some of the milk from the breast. The mother uses those gadgets to do milking so as to help reduce the quantity of milk on the breasts. The mother might also swell on one foot or both feet. This is especially after walking for several meters. However, the physical changes depend on how long the mother has been breastfeeding. Mothers who have been breastfeeding for considerable longer periods might not even experience the physical changes. But the mothers who stop breastfeeding after about six months will for sure experience the physical changes.

The emotional changes

The emotional changes that happen after a mother stops breastfeeding completely include being emotional from time to time. This is brought abut by the fact that the mother feels as if there is something missing in her life. Just like when stopping to breastfeed, the mother will feel stressed after completely stopping to breastfeed. The emotion bond created by breast feeding can be hard to break because the emotions will take time to adjust. This is especially if the mother is stopping to breastfeed to be away from the child. It is better when the mother has stopped to breastfeed but still stays with the baby. If the mother is going back to work or going on a holiday she will definitely miss her child and this can make her emotional.


Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes that occur after completely stopping to breastfeed include the hormones that are responsible of milk production decreasing. Hormones such as progesterone might increase in quantity because the mother is not breastfeeding anymore. This might cause hormonal imbalance and it might result to effects such as mood swings. There are various changes that can help in dealing with the hormonal imbalance including eating the right foods. The mother might also seek medical opinion from a qualified doctor so as to know the right ways to deal with the hormonal imbalance that might be caused by stopping to breastfeed completely.

Most of the changes that occur after stopping breastfeeding are temporary. This means that after a few days the effects will not be there completely. The effects will die out completely even without medical interference. If the effects are so severe one can seek medical attention to get medical solutions to the effects. Not all mothers experience the same type of changes. This mainly depends on the reason that the mother is stopping to breastfeed. It also depends on whether the mother has been breastfeeding for a long time. The mothers who breastfeed for many months might even not have the effects at all. This is because their bodies are already adapted. It is always important to get support especially from family and friends so as to deal with the effects properly. The people close to the mother can help significantly especially dealing with the emotional effects. Therefore, a mother who is stopping breastfeeding or who has just stopped breastfeeding will get some effects but the these effects can be dealt with effectively just by applying the right solutions.

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