Surprising facts about Male Infertility

Surprising facts about Male Infertility
January 07 22:40 2017

Infertility is a big issue among relationships and more often than not it’s usually the woman with the problem but males have many issues too. The good part about male infertility is that it can be prevented and avoided if they pay attention to certain life habits. If you and your partner are having problems conceiving, here are some interesting facts about male fertility that you can watch out for.


Hot tubs and saunas

The high temperatures provided by hot tubs and saunas are not good for baby making. The exposure can quickly heat things up down stairs, when testicles are over heated the sperm being produced disintegrates, its mobility is reduced and the production process is interrupted. This results in low sperm count and poor mobility of the sperm once they reach the vagina. While the damage is not permanent, the effect can make it difficult to conceive. So if you are trying to conceive, the guy should stay away from those saunas and hot tubs until a baby is made.


Boxers over tights and briefs

Briefs and tight can increase the temperatures in the groin region, which is not so good for sperm production and mobility as explained above. If a couple is trying for a baby the male partner should wear boxers over briefs and tights.



The temperature coming from the laptop on to the laps can easily affect the pelvic region too, bringing about the same effect as that of the hot tubs and saunas. Just to make sure the swimmers are in good condition, it’s a good idea to avoid using a laptop on the legs for long durations of time whenever you are looking to try for a baby.



Age and fertility is a frequent pair in women fertility. While it is spoken of less in males, studies have shown that sperm count and mobility in males decreases over time. There is no benchmark age to watch out for but it is generally around the senior citizen mark. So men do not have menopause in their biology but old age does affect their chances of fathering a baby.


Cell phones can cause interference

Lately, cell phones have been fingered in causes a wide range of medical problems namely tumors, cancer and infertility. Studies are still being carried out for better understanding on how the electromagnetic radiations could cause this but so far results indicate that the cellphones lead to higher free radicles in sperm cells, which effectively decreases the quality of sperm. It is suggested that men should keep cellphones away from the pockets of their pants and belts and keep them in areas that are far from the testicular region.


The weight factor

Weight can play a role in male fertility. When a couple is trying to conceive, it’s important that the male also tries to get in shape by shading off any extra weight. Obesity in men is associated with decreased sperm count and quality. The extra body weight is also associated to sperm mishap during its journey to the egg, which can actually cause it to fail in its attempt to penetrate the egg.



Stress is often incriminated in many health problems and that is no different with male fertility. The amount of sperm produced is directly linked to the levels of stress meaning higher stress levels are bound to decrease the production of sperm. To make matters worse, going through infertility issues can add on to the stress levels thereby aggravating the situation.

Also stress can lead to impotence, erectile dysfunction and even prevent proper functionality of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular gland pathway, all of which play a big role in male fertility. Since it is almost impossible to avoid stress completely, finding ways of managing stress levels can be vital if you are looking to getting pregnant. Partaking in stress reduction activities like walking, exercising, meditating and other relaxing activities are the healthiest way to manage stress levels.



Diet plays a big role in male fertility. It is nutritional content like Vitamins, minerals and folate acids that participate in the production of sperm. So, logically a diet low in vitamin C, folate acid, selenium, and zinc can easily lead to male infertility. A good and well balanced diet can help reverse the infertility conditions in males.

In addition to maintaining a good balance nutritional diet, there is also a need to refrain from bad eating and life habits. Use of drugs like marijuana and cocaine can decrease the quality and number of sperm. Use of body building steroids tends to shrink the testicles and alters the hormonal balance in the system there by affecting the production of sperm.


Sexually transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted diseases are the leading causes on infertility in males even though the majority of them are treatable if caught and managed early. The two main culprits are chlamydia and gonorrhea, which can be avoided by safe sexual practices. Such sexually transmitted diseases only cause infertility when they remain undiagnosed, which causes inflammations and blockages of sperm ducts.



Smoking tobacco is very bad for sperm, the chemicals contained in tobacco easily enters the stored body fat and cause hormonal changes. This often leads to sperm with abnormal shape that makes it difficult for fertilization to occur.


Aluminum can affect sperms

Recent studies say that males with high levels of aluminum in their blood and semen tend to show low sperm count. The aluminum comes from ingesting food cooked in aluminum pots and pans.



Alcohol abuse can decrease sperm production, meaning that males who excessively have a high chance of experiencing fertility problems. Moderate alcohol use doesn’t appear to affect fertility.


Vegetarian and Vegan diet

New research suggests that men who do not eat meat suffer from low sperm counts. In addition, only about a third of their sperm count is active as compared to the 60 percent of a meat eater’s sperm. The levels of sperm in a man who doesn’t eat meat make it difficult to penetrate and fertilize the egg, which leads to infertility.


In the majority of cases, infertility in males can be reversed by correcting the cause unless in cases where the damage is permanent. By living a healthy life and practicing better life habits men can improve their fertility by a huge margin.




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