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Manicure And Pedicure During Pregnancy. Is it safe? 0

During pregnancy, any woman wants to be especially beautiful. But any procedure is doubtful because it may harm the baby. There is an opinion that you cannot do a pedicure

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How to maintain beauty during pregnancy 0

Being pregnant is a standout amongst the most energizing experiences for any lady. Be that as it may, now and again the physical changes can overpower. From an always growing

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Losing weight after second pregnancy 0

Who likes to be overweight? Nobody especially not women. Yet you see countless women gaining weight after having a child? Does this mean having a child and getting in shape

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How reconnecting with yourself will make you a better mother? 0

You are reading this because you happen to be the mother of a child. Let me make some wild guess – you do all the chores, you take care of

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Instructions to Lose the Belly Fat 0

Thinking about how to lose the belly fat after giving birth to an infant? Stomach fat is hard to lose. It can be unyielding to move and on the grounds

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