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9 week pregnant 0

Ninth week of the pregnancy is all about moving towards the end of first trimester. There are chances for you to have so many changes undergone at this phase, your

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8 week pregnant 0

A lot of changes happen during pregnancy and any woman who has ever carried a baby in her womb knows, the baby grows and as it grows the body changes

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7 week pregnant 0

It is week seven, and you’re feeling the weight as your baby grows in leaps and bounds. The changes you’re experiencing are due to the remarkable pace at which the

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6 week pregnant 0

Pregnancy is a delightful experience that most women who go through it are always thankful for. From the very first week until the day the baby is born, the mother

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5 week pregnant 0

The 5th week of pregnancy is probably the most popular week for women looking to conceive this is when many women first learn that they are expecting. If you have

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4 week pregnant 0

How does the baby look like on week 4? The miracle of life is always astounding and at week 4, the journey has only began. What happens at this time

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