Talk to daughter: 8 ways to improve your girl’s self-esteem

Talk to daughter: 8 ways to improve your girl’s self-esteem
August 18 07:35 2016

Everything that we say or do has a significant impact on our children. Everyone wants to see their daughters grow up and become the confident women that change the world with innovation and valor; but there are things that we do or say, as a parent, that might be stopping them from reaching up to that level.

We want our little girls to be world famous leaders but end up scolding them for being too bossy. We want them to become confident but unconsciously give off contradictory messages that confuse them.

We, as parents, often unintentionally end up supporting the stereotypes we are so keen to break up. We need to boost up the confidence of our little angels by teaching them responsibility and by supporting their dreams and decisions. We need to help them learn from their own mistakes; that is the best way one can learn.

Parenting can be a really tough job especially for those who are doing this for the very first time. For you sake we have mentioned below, in detail, 8 ways you can help to improve your daughter’s self-esteem:


You should never categorize girls’ toys from boys’ toys or even girls’ games from boys’ games because as a child it is all fun and games. Obviously, it is tough to change the strong mindset of the population and the stereotypes that they have set but it is an important factor in your little girls grooming.

Whenever the issue of girls’ toys versus boys’ toys comes you should challenge your little girl’s thinking by asking them why does she think of that and why? Doing this will raise her consciousness and awareness on this matter. This will also boost up her confidence and empower her by the idea that her ideas and opinions have importance.


If we want our daughters to make rational decisions in their professional life then we should give them chances to practice at an early age. It is advised that you let your daughter make age-appropriate decisions. For example, you can let her decide what clothes to wear or what extracurricular activities she should participate in.

Making decisions is always accompanied with consequences; let your daughter know that. So, if she decides she does not want to wear rain boots, say, on a trip; let her. Later if it does rain, you shouldn’t chant “I told you so”; instead you should empathize on how irritating soaking socks can get. This will give the message that they are always supported.


Say, if you daughter comes home with a science fair trophy in her hand you should congratulate her; join her in her celebration. Let her know that she has done well. But you should try not to make the queen of the world telling her she is the best. The key is to encourage her on her effort not the result. It is very wisely said that, too much praise can do more harm than good.


As parents, we wish our child to in the best of conditions. We try our best to assure that no harm is done to them. But, it is said that overdoing this can cause a child to become care free which can be tough for him in his professional life. You want to let your child handle his troubles himself because you want always be there to help her when she grows up. Knowing that you can handle diverse situations is a very important and helpful lesson.


It has become a strong mindset that “Women are bossy” and that “Only men have leadership skills”. A boss is always the hated character anywhere; hence, you do not want to label your girl “bossy”. But you shouldn’t ignore her rude behavior either; you should try to address this problem in a better way instead of labeling her as “bossy”.

Children grasp what they observe so it is highly advised that you use polite language so that your children also adopt that way of communicating e.g. instead of saying “Do this!” and “I want that!” you should say “I feel that” and “It would be great if you could”.


Through the method of practice, you should teach your baby girl to be nice and respectful. You should try to teach her the perfect balance between being nice and standing up for what you feel is right.


We love our children more than anything and have always found ourselves saying to our little angels that they look pretty. There is nothing wrong in saying that but it can, however, give a message that looks are everything which can badly effect her grooming. Therefore, you should always add a follow up question e.g. you could say “You look so pretty. Is that dress comfortable? Can you run in it, easily?” in this way she knows that feeling comfortable is more important than looking pretty.

One thing to note is that we are always too harsh on ourselves saying that “I look awful”; this can be picked up by children, therefore, we should try to go easy on ourselves for the sake of our children.


Children are exposed to the mainstream media at a very young age due to which they are exposed to a lot of information; good and bad. They observe a lot of stereotypes and many ideologies. As a parent you should not debate rather you should ask questions such as “What do you think the singer means from this song?” and then listen to what they have to say. You should validate their opinions and experiences.

But most importantly you should let you child know that you are always there for her; no matter what. To assure that you should make a routine of taking some time to sit with your daughter and talk to her and listen to what she has to say.


8 ways to improve your daughters self-esteem