Teach your children gratitude: 10 tips

Teach your children gratitude: 10 tips
August 21 15:51 2016


Children are the most value able asset of our society they are to grow up in the proper and healthy environment. The environment should be very positive in which the children grow up. Today we have to face lots of problems due to poor habits of the children because the parent doesn’t guide their children in the proper way so that children get a positive point in their personality. Our main focus is to grow up our child with great care so that the good qualities become a part of his personality and our child may shine in the future. Gratitude is one of the good qualities that must be in our child.

We can teach our children to say thanks for lots of things around us but to teach them to really be grateful for the countless blessings in our lives is really a tough job. Gratitude plays an important role in the lives of our children. The children get success due to the gratitude because saying thanks is a good habit. If the child has a good quality of gratitude, then he will realize about the so much blessings in his life instead of spoiling them. The gratitude makes the children responsible in their life. The children will learn that how to respect the each blessing he has. There are lots of methods for teaching gratitude to the children for the better lifestyle and success in their life some of them are discussed below:


Surprises play an important role for teaching gratitude to our children. If the parent will give surprise to their children instead giving them the opportunity to choose or to decide. If you give the children the opportunity to decide or choose particular thing, then will not show gratitude for the particular thing and will take that particular thing as for granted. For example, if you ask your children that in which restaurant or hotel they want to do dinner? Everybody will give you different answer also will not be thankful to you for this dinner. In spite of asking them to give them a surprise that you are with your children are going to their favorite hotel for dinner or lunch. In this way, the children will show gratitude and become happy.


The children always follow their parent so the parent can become a model for their children. The children have the greater ability to observe anything in the childhood. Our children are observing our every action all the time. So the parent should show a good behavior towards everything so that children can learn from them. The parents can teach their children about the gratitude by setting good examples of showing gratitude on different occasions. If your neighbor gives something to you then say thanks to your neighbor before your children. And teach your children to say thanks if somebody gives you something or helps you.


The parent should share the past events to their children to let the children learn about gratitude. Tell your child that their inspectors don’t have so many facilities what now you have around them. In this way, the children will learn to value the things and become a thankful person. These past examples will work as a wonder in establishing gratitude in your children.


The parent should always encourage their children about their qualities and talent they have in them. The children will become thankful to you for identifying and determining some talent in them and parent should enhance their talent so the children learn to help others by their strengths. This will improve the quality of gratitude in them.


Give some extra time to your kids and do some chit chat with your children so that you may know about the likes and dislikes of your child. The conversation will help you to get information about your children behavior. In this way, you will get an idea that what qualities are present in your child and you can establish the quality of gratitude in your children.


The parent can help their children to find out the solution of the problems if children have a problem with some stuff. So the emotion of thanks will be produced in the children heart and they will learn gratitude by heart. If the problem is solved by your help the children will surely say you thanks for helping them also the children will give more respect to their parent.


Involve your elder child to the younger one so both the children understand each other and become friends of one another. The elder child should help the younger one for solving his problem in this way the children will learn to help each other and also gratitude for others.


You can also establish gratitude in your children by reminding them that when and where they have to say thanks to others. Without reminding them you can’t force them to say thanks to someone and show gratitude. Reminders can work wonder to make the children thankful.


Teach your children that giving is better than taking this will improve the gratitude in the children. This simply means that helping others is better than taking help of others. Because you have to take from others only when you don’t have something while you can give others when you have so much. In this way, the children will learn that how to be thankful for each blessing they have and others not.


Always teach your children about positivity that how to remain to be thankful even in the time of crisis. The quality of gratitude will also increase patience in your children. In this way, they will learn to be thankful what they have and will work hard and will wait with patience for getting the thing of their choice in their life.


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