Teething in second year: Q&A

Teething in second year: Q&A
August 21 21:58 2016

Teething starts happening in the form of incisors after baby’s birth but the next process of teething starts in the second year. You will surely find maximum of the knowledge about teething in second year in this article right here.

When is the right time to appear your toddler’s next teeth?

In some cases you have got your baby having front incisors at the early stages but the next teeth are to appear between your baby’s first molars in the period of 12 to 16 months, canines in the period of 16 to 20 months and finally second molars in the period of 20 months or two and half years.

Everything is just fine but the major question over here is how would you come to know that your baby is teething? You should and you must know to care for your babies in a right way. How will you come to know that your baby is teething? We are going to discuss it right here.

So, are there any signs or something else that will make you know about your kids’ teething?

Yes, of course there is a reason behind every action and there is a sign for its happening as well. Same is the case with for teething. When tooth are emerging they show a sign of redness on cheeks and may become hot from the sides as well. Don’t panic because this is not going to make your kid ill but it is throbbing enough to make your kid wretched and irritated.

There are other signs as well that will depict teething of your kid.  Your kid will start biting or else sucking further than normal, pulling or chafing on his ears, slobber and a slobbering rash and lastly sleeping with great difficulty. It is possible for your kid to have a light fever somewhat around 38 degrees fever. Of your kid is having a stronger one than you must consult to the doctor for rapid cur from disease.

Emerging teeth can start paining up to five days earlier than its appearance. The first and second molars of your kids can make them have the most pain and discomfort. It is so because they are big in size so they push them out very slowly so your kid has to bear them harder while in case of canines they are small in size so they emerge out little easily. Remember if your kid sucks his own thumb then he is having the most painful time settling. You must remember that the pain can still continue after your kids have left sucking his thumb.

No parent can see his child in pain or crying. Very rude and angry parents can barely see their kids in pain as well but not for a long time. Parents try to relieve their kids by trying a lot of efforts but still if you can make them relieve so much then you should read what we are going to tell you here. We hope that this article will surely be helpful to you and your kids.

So, how parents can help their kids teething pain?

There are a lot of ways to help your kids relieve from teething pain. You can start by giving something cold to your kids that they can bite or chew if you want to make them feel comfort or relieve from pain. You should not rely on gel filled plastic rings because they might leak when your kid starts biting it and they may cause a choking hazard. Try to avoid these things. You can start with a raw carrot or a celery stick that has been cooled in the fridge or you can as well start with just a cold wet flannel.

You should also be very careful while relieving your kid’s teething pain. You should not make use of any gel for relieving because there are not many explanations about its working, either it works better or not but instead you can relieve your kids’ affected gums by rubbing with your clean finger. The gel may have an adverse effect on your kids’ gums and may cause severe pain and itching instead of relieving.

In case everything fails to relieve your kids’ bleeding gums or pain in gums then you may give a dose of sugar free paracetamol or ibuprofen to your kids but remember to use this treatment on the last priority and before you give the dose to your kid make sure to read the instructions first or as prescribed by the doctor. The dose of tablets will relieve your kids from pain and inflammation.

Many parents get worried during the periods of their kids’ teething and they start questioning that either teething will make their kids ill?

Teething can make your kid feel discomfort and irritated but it will not make your kid ill. If your kid is suffering from diarrhea or high fever then you should not blame teething as the reason of illness. Teething can’t be the reason behind the illness of your kid. If you see that your kid is having the symptoms that generally don’t appear in teething then you are highly recommended to visit your doctor.

Some parents really want to soothe their kids’ gums but they don’t know what should be done and how to be done? Parents can calm their kids’ gums in the best way. What parents need to do is to apply a gentle pressure on the gums and then slowly rubbing and pressing on the affected gums to relieve from pain. Make sure that your finger is clean otherwise germs will enter in gums and may cause severe problems and burning effect.

What symptoms could be possible along with the ones mentioned above?

Your kid might not eat properly as he has lost his appetite, during the teething phase. In this case you can make your kid eat chilled yogurt and it’s really soothing and pleasing. In the teething phase, breastfeeding or else bottle feeding can be more painful instead of relieving as sucking causes the blood to rush quickly to the swollen areas and make them more susceptible. Try making you kid drink from cup or glass with help of soup spoon, that’s pretty easy and will not cause any pain.

At the end of the topic it is advised to you to be careful while your kids are teething, don’t make them swallow or bite things that may harm them. In case of any severe symptoms immediately consult your physician for the sake of your kid’s health.




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