The Perfect Time to Give your Child a Pet

The Perfect Time to Give your Child a Pet
August 25 14:28 2016

Discovering new things in life is always fun. And nothing is more exciting for kids to make new discoveries as they start to grow up.

Among other stuff, one thing fascinates them beyond words are animals. Up until then, they never even had seen any other living being other than human beings. Even if they had, they were never aware enough to notice.

But as they grow up, so their curiosity about life.

They want to pet, tame and play with these new fascinating creatures they never knew about.

And the good news is that the latest cutting edge research shows it’s healthy for children to “socializing” with animals. They can teach your children some invaluable lessons from a very early age like

  • Respecting other life forms
  • Meaning of unconditional love
  • Becoming responsible for someone other than yourself
  • Taking care of somebody who’s dependent on you

Moreover, playing with pets has shown again and again as the best cure for stress and depression. It’s hard to get sad when someone you love is always there and trying to play and cuddle with you.


There are so many people want a pet but in reality, it’s only a few who are able to afford and care for them.

Suppose you bring home a cat or a dog and the next thing you know is you are struggling to take care of both your family and the pet.

Just make sure you have adequate resources to care for a pet.

  • Are you financially stable enough to provide both your family and pet the basic amenities?
  • Is your house big enough or the surrounding is suitable for the pet to move around and play?
  • Do you have enough time to take care of the pet? If not, can you afford to hire someone to do it?
  • Does anyone in your family have any objections? It’s better if all the family members are consent to the decision.
  • Does your family travel a lot? If yes, who’s going to take care of the pet?

If you were able to breeze pass through the test, it calls us for you to answer the most important question.

Is your child ready for a pet?


If you can see some qualities in your child, then he or she just might be ready to have a pet.


You have to be as unbiased as possible regarding the maturity level of your child.

Is your child mature enough to understand things regarding the animals? A good rule of thumb is that if your child is able to understand the importance and needs of other living things he is showing signs of maturity. Young children are usually egocentric and aren’t aware enough of the needs of other living beings.

If your child is on the other side of the spectrum then you may have to consider the pet. If your child shows behavior that is always that isn’t in the best interest of his loved ones, then it might not be the right time to hand him the responsibility of another living being. Giving him or her a little more time. Some children take a little longer to show signs of maturity.


Can your child take proper care of themselves? Do they remember things you asked them to do? Do they remember to brush their teeth or eat their food without you constantly reminding them?

If not, your child might not be ready to take care of the pet. They are more likely to forget to feed them or take them for a walk if they are not careful enough to do their chores.


Even if your child shows gifted qualities in the above two categories, it’s in the best interest of both the pet and the child to not give him or her a pet at a very young age.

Sometimes children get so excited while playing with their pet, they might cuddle them to death.

Moreover, young children might also injure themselves while playing with a pet if they do something that makes the pet feel threatened.

Medical Condition

Does your child have any medical condition that might lead to fatal accidents? Is he or she allergic to anything?

Make sure you know the complete medical history of your child as well as the pet. If you’re unsure whether any existing condition of your child can prove to be dangerous, consult a doctor or a veterinarian first.


If your child is asking for a pet, find out what exactly motivates them to have one?

If it is because of one of the latest fads that their friends are following, they are more likely to stop taking care of the pet, once the trend is over and they get bored.

But if they are actually fascinated by animals and love to play with them, then owning a pet seems like a genuine request.

Let them know in advance that if in any case they don’t take proper care of the pet, they’ll never ever get another one. And if they do lose interest in between, it’s their responsibility to find another family that can take care of their pet.

What kinds of pets should you bring home?

Randomly bringing any animal home they ask for might prove to be harmful in long run.

You should do your research about the animal, it’s nature, habitat, and history before bringing them home.

Some animals like German shepherd look innocent when they are very young, but they grow up at a frightening pace. It’s not that they eat  their owners when they get big, but they are aggressive in nature.

If you think your child isn’t ready for a big pet yet, get them a small one like a fish. They aren’t very costly, fun to watch and requires minimal care.

There are also many other animals for like turtles, guinea pigs that are cute, fun to play with and at the same time requires little attention.

If you decide to bring in a dog or cat, choose the suitable breed for your child as well as your family. While there is no right or wrong breed since different breeds of animals have different nature. So some can instantly adopt in your environment while others can resist the change. There is no one size fit for all.

Closing Thoughts

One of the popular reasons parents give for not owning a pet is that they die very early since most animals have a short life span. Since the kid gets emotionally attached to the pet after living with them all these years, they’ll be sad.

Actually, this shouldn’t discourage you from getting one.

People know for a fact that whatever comes to life eventually dies. Actually, death isn’t even something good or bad. It’s just the natural cycle of life.

Simply making your child oblivious to the natural cycle of life will do more harm than good to them.

So do your child a favor. Don’t stop them from owning a pet because the death of their pet will make them sad. This doesn’t mean they have to be traumatized either. Let them have a taste of life from a young age so they can withstand the tough times that life has to offer.

Till then let them have fun with their pet.

But one thing is for sure, owning a pet is one of the most beautiful experiences of life.

The responsibility of someone else’s life, their daily chores and the joy of playing them can teach your child lessons that no school, no college can ever give.

Owning a pet makes life a roller-coaster ride that they’ll forever remember.



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