The Ultimate Guide to Final Stretch of Pregnancy: 10 tips and tricks

The Ultimate Guide to Final Stretch of Pregnancy: 10 tips and tricks
September 06 08:55 2016

It is almost that time of yourpregnancy when you feel you have made through it, finally. You feel uncomfortable, huge and tired too often and frequently. The “waiting game” is stronger than ever because you can’t wait to feel small hands and feet and the last weeks of pregnancy are arguably worst in terms of health and waiting periods.
So, here are a few survival tips that can help you make the last few weeks of pregnancy a little bit less exhausting.

Tip # 1 – Eat Well

Although your body is not completely in a position to let you things as you want to; swelled body, backache, bending issues and not able to move a lot. But, this is the period when you have to eat well and healthy. Instead of eating anything you get, you should eat healthy which includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that can make you gain weight at a manageable amount which is easy to lose in the recovery period. At the same time, it also might help to maintain your stamina during giving birth. You shouldn’t take sugary food, junk or processed food in order to maintain a healthy body after your pregnancy is over.

Tip # 2 – Continue Exercising

In the last weeks of pregnancy, you might feel like sitting all day on sofa and satisfying your craving. But, it is important to understand that you shouldn’t let this last week’s laziness and cravings take over you.

Walking for a few minutes encourages the baby to maintain position, so a daily walk routine is beneficial at the end weeks of your pregnancy.

Yoga is also a technique which keeps you calm, composed and teaches you different skills, like breathing, during your labor period.

Tip # 3 – Stay hydrated, active and relax

Human body needs water for cell regeneration, blood regulation and blood pressure level. It is important that during pregnancy you stay hydrated, especially in the last weeks. If you are thinking to alter it with juices or other drinks, then don’t! Instead, find some ways to spice up you water like adding up some fresh fruits or vegetables like cucumber.
While being active and relax is concerned, you will feel tired after short intervals and it will become difficult for you to do work-out to stay active. But, keeping into movement and staying relax will regulate your moods, help in digestion and make you sleep more peacefully at night. You don’t have to over-stress or over-think about the up-coming period. Just stay relaxed and you will do great!

Tip # 4 – Get some sleep and rest

As you know that after the birth of baby, your routine is completely going to be changed. You will find less time to rest and sleep. Keeping in view this, you should not worry about what is on the way. Take loads of sleep and rest, just go for small naps and enjoy the nap. Napping is all you need!


Tip # 5 – Stay Positive and read positive birth stories

You may experience anxiety and stress in the last weeks and you might find it hard to control especially when you haven’t given birth before. Staying positive is the most essential part as it will help you maintain your anxiety level. You have to think about possible ways to do so, and one of it can be reading positive birth stories. There are a lot of mothers who share their stories online and by reading a story to which you can almost relate, can help you give strength and positivity altogether.

Tip # 6 – Write down things

You are about to embrace motherhood and even it’s your first time or not, it is going to give you a different experience. So why not to write it down? You can start writing little things your thoughts and feelings and little details you have want through. You can even write it down in the shape of a letter and by doing so, you can let your child know afterwards how excited and happy you were. Keeping a pregnancy diary will make you recall all the small details you have want through, even after many years.


Tip # 7 – Start a project

As you will feel time passing away slowly, and much of it will be comprised of waiting part which is not fun. So, you can utilize this time in creating some project that will keep you busy and active at the same time. Now, you can look at multiple options like writing a pregnancy journal, knitting baby blanket or sweater or anything that can be done with less chances of going out of home. Just choose something that you will enjoy the most and keep you busy in the last weeks.


Tip # 8 – Expect the unplanned

There will be so many things that will not go as planned as you have expected. Do keep yourself prepared for whatever is on its way and don’t stick to all the things you have thought or planned about.


Tip # 9 – Finalize your birth location and prepare accordingly

Many mothers have finalized their birth locations way before final weeks, but again if you feel like changing the location, re-finalize it and keep your plans according to that. The location selected should not be too far away from your house and it should have all the basic facilities that are important in labor.

You can prepare the stuff before hands that you may need to get comfortable after labor. It may comprise of pillow support system, pajamas, shirts, or even a pair of socks to keep you warm as the labor or hospitals are usually kept on the colder side to keep their doctors and nurses in comfort.


Tip # 10 – Due dates an estimate not a deadline

The date really is just an estimate. So, don’t freaky out! It can come and go and that is okay. Baby will come when he or she is ready. (That can be before estimated date or after that)




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