Tips for Flying Pregnant

Tips for Flying Pregnant
September 12 20:57 2016

Pregnancy does not mean you are chained to your house.

In fact, with modern research and sophisticated technology you can easily travel around even when you are pregnant.

Planning to go on a vacation before the arrival of the baby or seeing your parents living far away?

It can be done. Just by following few rules and regulations you are set to fly.

Keep this checklist we have prepared. It will come in handy if you plan on flying.


9 Things to Keep in Mind Before Flying

#1 Right Time

The best time to fly is during the second trimester.

The doctors are convinced that first and third trimesters are either dangerous or not worth the time to travel since you are most likely not to enjoy the trip.

If you happen to be in your first trimester, it is in the best interest of you, your baby and your family to postpone the flying trip.

If you are in last few months, it is better not fly.

Airlines have also started abiding by certain rules and regulations for pregnant women.


#2 Permission

You ought to take permission from your doctor.

Self-education is great, but you need to take advice from a professional as the situation calls for it.

You are now responsible for more than one life and now is the best time to let the experts handle the situation.


#3 Destination

If the trip is about going on a vacation, you should choose a proper place for relaxing.

A good rule of thumb to follow is not to go to either of the extreme weather conditions.

You do not want connecting flights that make you wait for long hours at the airport.

Moreover, the city must be well equipped with medical facilities.

Rural areas should not be included even in the lists.

Also, the place should be peaceful and disease free. Do your research and ask some locals beforehand. Of course, you want to take advice from your doctor before going to any place.

The UK and Europe is a good place to start looking.


#4 Plan

Planning early and correctly can save you from countless hassles.

You should know about the place well.

Medical facilities, drug store, restrooms and hotels should be taken care of before you leave for the trip.

Also, do not forget to check your luggage twice for all the necessities.

Tip: Have a soft pillow with you on which you can rest while sitting. Sometimes sitting too much on airlines can cause you to feel unwell.


#5 Food

We know you are eager to try different food and cuisines that the place has to offer. However, at the same time you have to keep in mind what you are ought to eat.

Make sure to take some fruits, veggies, wholemeal biscuits with you. Packed snacks always come handy at moments like this.

If you are uncertain about the local water, do not drink it. Also, do not be fooled by packed water that is available at cheap shops. There are places where they fill the water in bottles to befool the foreigners into thinking it as clean water.

Instead, buy some from the airport or convenient stores.


#6 Exercise

Sitting for an extensive period can lead to nasty blood clots and painful cramps.

Do not neglect exercising your muscles while traveling.

Take small walks, stretch muscles and do not sit for long hauls. However, if the situation demands sitting like when you are flying, do some stretching exercise for your legs.

Rotate your ankles, stretch your calf muscles, bend your knee and jerk them mildly.

This makes sure the proper blood flow in legs and the keeps the muscles active.


#7 Clothing

Assuming you picked a pleasant destination, keep your clothes light.

Comfort is of utmost importance. Cotton clothes should be your first choice.

Moreover, since you will be wearing light clothes that expose your skin to sunlight, a sunscreen is a must.


#8 Breaks

Taking frequent short breaks is equally important.

If you are on a sightseeing tour, let your tour guide know about your health condition.

If you are taking a connecting flight, it is better to take a nap or even spending a night to freshen up in the nearby lounge.

Long hauls of flight make pregnant women feel dizzy sometimes.


#9 Things to avoid

You are on vacation does not mean you can do anything you wish.

Of course, you still have certain restrictions.

If you happen to visit amusement parks, you should not get on rides that involve jerking and stopping suddenly. Most rides will have rules that forbid pregnant ladies to get on it, but we decided to remind just in case.

You should not get on anything that involves riding, climbing or jumping.


Closing thoughts

Some people might say not to go to trips at all until your delivery. They will tell you to postpone it for few months.

The truth is you are going to be a very busy mom after your toddler’s birth.

So, it is a good idea to go on a babymoon to capture some beautiful memories while your baby in your belly.

Moreover, pregnancy is the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy some time alone with your husband or spending on something just as you want.

Treat yourself with relaxing spa or a romantic dinner along the seaside. How about just enjoying just a good novel in quite nature?

And who knows, all this traveling might make your kid a travel junkie when he or she grows up.

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