Toddler chairs. Do you really need them?

Toddler chairs. Do you really need them?
April 15 09:37 2017

As babies grow, they learn to do the things adults around them do, babies learn by imitating and that is why it is important to monitor a child to see what kind of skills they have picked up. As soon as babies learn how to sit on their own, they begin to play around even more and they also begin to learn how to eat. As adults sit around the table during dinner, a baby will need to sit by the table too. It is not easy to be carrying a baby all throughout dinner or leaving them on the floor while everyone else sits by the table. That is why a baby chair is important and every parent should invest in it.

Most parents ask if they need a baby chair and the answer is definitely yes, there are mare advantages that come with a baby chair. In this article we will look at the reasons why you should invest in a baby chair, how to tell if it is time to use a baby chair and how to buy the best baby chair for your little one.


When is your baby ready for a baby chair?

You know you should probably get your baby a high chair once he or she can sit up on their own and are beginning to learn how to bring a spoon to their mouth. Around this time, they are also now eating solid food. Generally, it is around 4 to 6 months that you begin to sit your baby in a high chair.


Picking the right chair

Picking the right baby chair can be difficult for first time parents. There are so many things to consider and it is usually overwhelming getting into a baby shop and seeing all sorts of chairs with different accessories and build type.

Here are some of the important things you should always consider when buying a baby chair:


High chair Size 

Baby chairs come in many different sizes, this immediately tells you that there is nothing like a one size fits all when it comes to high chairs. Usually the best idea for parents looking to buy a baby chair is to take the little one to the store so different chair sizes may be tried to pick the best fit.



The most important thing about a baby chair is the issue of safety. Under no circumstances should the safety of a baby be compromised, meaning the sturdiness of a chair takes priority over everything else. The most important think is to check if the chair can support a lot of weight as your baby will playing and most probably bumping into the chair from time to time. Also you want a chair that will not break easily when it topples over and falls. Speaking of toppling over, it is very likely that your baby will at some point use the chair as support while they learn how to stand up, therefore make sure that the selected chair does not move easily.


Chair material 

Chair material is very important also. Metal and steal provide the best strength and durability but these can be dangerous for the baby, it is best to find metal that is cushioned with rubber and purchase a basic plastic chair.



Comfort is very important when picking a baby chair. Pick a chair with padded seating for the best comfort possible.



Babies mess up a lot, especially when they are eating. That is why you should consider the cleaning challenges related to the high chair and work to select a chair that has easy to clean materials. Chairs with vinyl seats are easy to clean, padded seats need to be washed, it is better is they come with detachable covers.


Easy to use

It is always best to purchase easy to use baby chairs. These are chairs that can be manipulated with on hand as you will often nee to pick up the baby or place them down whilst doing something at the same time.



The baby will most definitely out grow a chair, but this does not mean that they no longer need a chair. You should look to purchase a chair with a booster seat. A boaster seat is an add-on chair that can be strapped on the to the high chair so the child has a better fit to the chair and access to the table. Boosters come with adjustable heights but it is advised that you take not of your table height so you do not by a chair that is a bit too small or a bit too big for the table.


High chair Safety straps

High chairs need to have safety strips so the baby does not fall off or attempt to get out of the chair. This is even more important for babies that moves around a lot. A three-point harness safety strap that secures the baby’s legs and body is the standard safety strap at the present moment. If the chair is foldable, it should have a locking mechanism to prevent it from folding or collapsing while the baby is seated inside.



Chairs that come with playing accessories are highly recommended, the toys should be attachable to the chair so the baby does not drop them and then attempt to go after them.


Other useful features

Depending on your needs, you might need a chair that is foldable, with adjustable trays, portable or even with wheels.


Popular types of baby chairs

To help you select a baby chair, here are some very popular types of baby chairs:


Graco Blossom Seating System

link: amazon

This is a very convenient all purpose high chair that is convertible into a booster. It is a useful chair for integrating the baby with the rest of the family at the table.




Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Chair

link: amazon

The Chicco 360 is a hook on chair that can rotate to six different positions. This makes it possible to turn the baby to face different directions at any given time. It comes with a snap-on food tray that is easy to clean.


Chicco 360 toddler chair


Evenflo Convertible High Chair

link: amazon

The Evenflo high chair is another popular chair that is offers adjustable height and an inclination ability for interactive feeding.


Evenflo Convertible toddler chair



Safety tips when using a high chair

  • Always use a safety strap to secure a baby to a high chair.
  • Verify if the safety strap is properly tightened.
  • Store the high chair away from the table, counter and wall as it can fall on the baby when they attempt to pull themselves up.
  • Make sure the baby does not stand up on the high chair
  • Avoid using a high chair with exposed wire or sharp edges as these can easily harm the baby.
  • Secure the locking devices for rotation high chairs or high chairs with wheels.
  • Always clean the toys attached to the high chair.
  • Ensure that the high chair can support the baby’s weight.



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