TOP-10 fears of new moms

TOP-10 fears of new moms
November 17 10:32 2016

First time mothers go through a lot thinking and self-evaluation situations, this can start from as early as during pregnancy to when the baby is born. It is possible that you will find yourself wondering if you will be a good mom, if you will be able to raise a baby or even if you will be able to take care of the baby’s every need. If you have gone through this you already know that it is a normal phase that will pass once you have been with your newborn for a little while. If you are just beginning to go through the phase then do not worry, a lot of new mothers go through it, just read some of the most common fears of new moms below:


  1. No clue about caring for a newborn baby

No matter how many books you read or videos you watch, nothing can prepare you enough to raise and care for a newborn than being with a newborn baby. You will always have this fear that you are not going to able to take care of your new born baby well, this is the biggest fear most mothers face and it is normal. Some mothers read a lot of books on babies and how to take care of them but they still get the feeling that they are going to do it wrong.


The thing is that mother motherhood kicks in when you actually have to be a mother. You will quickly notice how fast you will get the hang of being a mother, just like that you will master diaper changes, feeding the baby, putting the baby to sleep and soothing them when they cry. Some other mothering skills will develop once you learn how you baby behaves, for example you will only develop the skill to see if your baby is doing well or not when you actually live with your baby. Most of these things come naturally to most mothers; however, reading and attending a few classes can also prove to be useful.

Remember, the best way to get over your new mom fears is to be a mom, do not count on your friends and relatives helping out. In fact, it is best if you do not get too much help within the first weeks of motherhood, just you and the baby daddy can take care of the baby and the earlier you get to it the better.


  1. What if my baby is ill?

Another big new mom fear is their baby getting sick. The first question most new mothers will ask themselves all the time is if they will be able to tell if their kid is not feeling well, then they ask themselves will they be able to handle it if the kid is actually not feeling well.

This fear is so common that you will notice a lot of new mothers taking their kids to the doctor every now and then just to get professional assurances.

Well, there are ways to see if your child is ill and most of them you will easily notice without any training at all. Here are some tale signs that your kid might not be feeling very well:


These are the main signs but there are some signs apart from these ones that may appear depending on the condition your child has.


  1. Sudden Infant death syndrome (SID)

This is a rare syndrome but it happens nonetheless. It is one of the common reasons why new mothers want to sleep with their babies or watch over them while they sleep. The fear of your baby suddenly dying during their sleep is strong and hard to get rid off. It will slowly peal off and fade away with time; however, there are some things you can do to make sure your baby is safe:

  • Put your baby to sleep on their back
  • Do not share a bed with the baby
  • Remove toys and excess pillow when the baby sleeps
  • Maintain the right room temperature
  • Breastfeed the baby if you can


  1. Am I spoiling my baby?

Most new mothers tend to wonder if they are spoiling their babies by attending to their every need whenever they cry for attention. While its true that you are probably spoiling the baby by picking them up while they cry or immediately feeding them when they show the slightest signs of hunger, you will notice these habits slowly fade away as you gain more motherhood experience.

One thing you should know is that it is important for you to train the baby early for your own convenience and for the good of the baby. Sticking to fixed feeding and sleeping schedules can go a long way into ensuring that your baby is disciplined and you also get to do other things.


  1. How can I keep my baby healthy

Being obsessed with your baby’s health is another common fear among new mothers. In most forums you will notice many mothers ask how they can keep their babies healthy, well, there is no simple answer to this question other than for you to read a few baby books and talk to other experienced mothers. If you have more questions address them to your pediatrician.


  1. Being alone with the baby

The first few weeks of motherhood usually bring along a good number of people around you. Your parents and friends will stick around for some time and your partner will probably take some time off to be with you and the baby. As such you will worry a lot on how it’s going to be like when everyone eventually leaves and you find yourself alone with the baby.

There is no easy way to say this but you should quickly get used to being alone with the baby! If you have to show your visitors out earlier than they intended to stay then do it.


  1. Going back to work

There fear of leaving your baby behind and going back to work strikes every mother whether new or experienced. There is always that protectiveness feeling over your baby that makes you have a really hard time during your first few weeks back at work. You will constantly call home or find excuses to drop by just to check on the baby. This fear will wade off with time, to accelerate it you should hire a very experience childcare person to take care of the baby while you are at work. The more your trust the person who remains with your child the more you will feel at ease when you are at work.


  1. Bonding with the baby

This fear mostly happens before giving birth, especially to working mothers. New mothers will find themselves in fear that their kid will not bond with them. This will quickly wear off once you see how attached your enfant is to you, especially when you breastfeed them.


  1. Will my baby reach all the baby milestones?

Another common fear among new mothers is that of their baby not hitting the common baby milestones or being late. What you need to understand is that babies are different and they grow in very different and unique ways. There is a time range in the baby milestone; the only time you should worry about your baby not hitting the milestones is when they are not showing any signs of getting there at all or when they have passed the recommended time frame by more than a month.


  • The baby will affect my relationship

The other biggest fear in new mothers is that of the baby taking over and affecting their relationship with their partner. There is no way to sugar coat this, yes the baby definitely will affect the dynamic of your relationship and you need to be prepared for the changes. Training your baby to adhere to certain schedules will go a long way in making sure that you and your partner get some time together, alone and away from the baby.




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