Traveling with Kids – 20 Road Trip Ideas

Traveling with Kids – 20 Road Trip Ideas
November 13 11:26 2016

Going on a family road trip with kids is a very fun but challenging experience. As you already know, being confined to the same space for long periods of time easily agitates kids. If the journey is long, there is need for adequate activities to cover the whole duration and keep the kids occupied and the whole family entertained. Here are some fun and useful road trip ideas for kids:


  1. Start off early

The key to a fun road trip is to leave for the journey well in advance. Leaving with some good hours to spare can help you travel safely and allow for unplanned stops along the way. The ideal time to start off the journey depends on where you live and where you are headed. Try to start off at a time that allows you to pass by certain places with interesting staff to see while its daytime.


  1. Music

Well-prepared music can lighten up a road trip and make it enjoyable for the kids. The key is to assemble a playlist that is entertaining to the whole family. Try to make the playlist last an hour or two longer than the duration of the trip so you can compensate for the tracks you are most likely to skip and reduce the number of repeated songs.

Music can be a source of a number of entertaining games for the games. Depending on the age of the kids, the can play the guessing game where they guess the name of the song within the first 5 seconds and score points.


  1. Portable karaoke

In addition to preparing music, a portable karaoke machine can be a very useful gadget to keep the kids entertained and maintain an excellent ambiance during the road trip.


  1. Board games

Another way to keep kids entertained during a road trip is to carry interesting and fun board games. These can be board games for the whole family or limited to just the kids. There are board games with magnetic pieces that make it much easier to use in mobile vehicles, as the pieces will not fall off during the drive.


  1. Frequent breaks

You know how a long journey is tiresome to you the adult? Now imagine how much more tiresome it is to the kids who have limited patience and tolerance. Taking frequent breaks during the road trip to go to the bathroom, eat or stretch some legs can be very useful in making a road trip enjoyable. Based on where you are going, you can schedule the breaks in areas where there are things to see and or do. Also depending on the duration of the road trip, you can take a break for the night and check into a motel. A good nights sleep is beneficial for everyone, especially in making sure that no one becomes too cranky.


  1. Picnics

Carrying with you a picnic basket can also help spice up a road trip with the kids. Choose a nice spot for the picnic well in advance, you can do this by doing a quick research on the internet and get information on where to find the best picnic spots along your route. The picnic can be followed by a napping session before heading back to the road.


  1. Outdoor activities along the way

Depending on where you are going and how long it takes to get there, you can schedule some outdoor activities so the kids can take a break from the car ride. There are a lot of activities to consider, you could find a swimming hole for a quick swim, go for a short hike and take pictures.


  1. Video camera

As with all family activities, it is good to document a road trip by carrying a video camera. Filming can begin from packing and continue anytime in the car. Let the kids do the filming and give interviews and tell jokes. This can be a really fun activity, especially to playback some time after the road trip.



  1. Healthy snacks

Most people usually make the mistake of packing the wrong type of snacks that ultimately get their kids sick or bloated. In as much as snacks are a necessity during a road trip, it is important that you carry healthy snacks like fruits and cut back on the sugary foods and fizzy drinks.


  1. Portable DVD player

A well charged portable DVD player could be very useful for beating boredom especially at night. Pack some new exciting DVDs, enough to cover the return journey too. Do not forget to carry working and comfortable headphones. A spare set or two can prove to be useful.


  1. Face to face time

If you are travelling with a toddler or baby you should incorporate some face-to-face time. Get in the back seat and play with the kid a bit to calm them and reduce some crankiness. A cranky baby will cry for long periods of time, better to avoid it early.


  1. Toys

Pack your kids favorite toys and include one or two new fascinating ones as well. Do not expose the kid to the toys from the word go, its best to give them one at a time so they do not get tired of them. The new toys can be very handy when they are too cranky and nothing else will calm them down.


  1. On the go medication

Do not forget your kids medication if they are on any. Carry along some anti-fever and diarrhea medication to in case you need it.


  1. Extra cloths and blanket

Travelling can be meet with some unexpected surprises. Carrying extra cloths and blanket can be very useful in case you meet some weather challenges.


  1. Pack a stroller for your toddler

Do not forget to pack a stroller for your toddler. When you take a stretching break a stroller is useful for walking around with the kids and the toddler.


  1. Car pillows

Invest in some car pillows. These can help keep your kids more comfortable for the duration of the journey.


  1. Cooler packed with ice

No matter the weather, always carry with you a cooler or two packed with ice. In the coolers pack some water, fruit and juice. The ice can be useful to keep the kids cool in times of hot weather or when they develop a fever.


  1. Keep the mess minimum in the back seat

The more tidy it is in the back seat, the more comfortable your kids will be. Also a tidy car keeps the air fresh, this is vital in preventing crankiness. To keep the car tidy you can carry along some trash plastic, use closed containers with straws for liquids and also tidy up every time you stop for a break.


  1. Implore creative craft work

Another way to keep the kids occupied and beat boredom is to carry some creativity material like color pencils, wool, paper etc. Try to avoid things that could be dangerous to your kids or messy the car too much like glue and scissors. Artwork can keep the kids occupied for a very long time, very often they fall asleep only to wake up and continue with their art. As you can see this is hours worth of entertainment.


  1. Back up power supply

Its very useful If you can find a back up power supply for your kid’s toys and your portable devices. This can be in form of rechargeable power packs. If you use the power packs do not forget to recharge them when you stop over at a motel or restaurant. If you can not get back up power packs then buy extra batteries for the toys and dvd player. Some people buy car-charging cables so they can recharge their portable devices inside the cars as they travel.


There are many other ways to ensure a smooth and pleasant road trip with your kids. The idea is to keep them entertained, fed and take as many breaks as possible. Do not travel with the kids when you are in a hurry, always plan ahead and leave when there is more than enough time to make the journey, including scheduled and unscheduled stops.



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