Ucheck Pregnancy Test Review

Ucheck Pregnancy Test Review
January 25 07:24 2017

When it comes to pregnancy tests, you need one which will deliver accurate results as fast as possible. Nowadays, however, the whole shindig that is pregnancy testing is not as easy as you might think. This is mostly because, there are many pregnancy tests you can choose to determine the nature of your situation. All of those tests available now are not identical; they vary in one important aspect or the other, which makes you to be quite choosy in terms of which one to go for. The Ucheck pregnancy test, for example, is a good option you can go for to test whether you’re pregnant or not. From statistics, many women prefer this pregnancy test due to its simplicity and ease of interpretation of the results. It’s not perfect, though. It has minor drawbacks, which can make you feel it isn’t really the product for you; but, before you jump into conclusion, here is the full review.

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How Ucheck pregnancy test works

Basically, the Ucheck pregnancy test checks your pregnancy status by checking the level of hCG in your body. hCG, stands for human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, whichbut_big_7 is the hormone the body releases once you are pregnant. The Ucheck pregnancy test is specifically tailored to detect the presence of this hormone in your urine, so just a few drops of your urine are enough to check your pregnancy status. The only drawback here is the certain level of hCG your body needs to have secreted before you perform the test, since the Ucheck pregnancy test has a limited sensitivity of 25mlU. This means that, any hCG level below this capacity will definitely give you the wrong results, so you need to be wary of the time you need to take the test for optimal results.


Biologically, secretion of the hormone starts when the fertilized ovum gets attached to the uterus and its capacity increases in the urine over time after implantation has occurred. This means that, you shouldn’t take the pregnancy test a few days or a week after you skip your period; the ovum takes more time to get to the uterus and implantation itself takes a few days also. Therefore, whilst using this test, it is best you do so 11 days after you have missed your period. That way, you chances of getting the right result are higher.

The results

The Ucheck pregnancy test results are accurate once you’ve done it at the right time, i.e. 11 days after you have skipped your period. The test results are displayed in the form of lines, which tell you whether they’re positive or negative according to the instructions. Using the Ucheck test, however, only guarantees accurate results within 10 minutes after your results show. Once the 10 minute window elapses, the results get expired and chances are that, you might get the wrong information about your pregnancy.

For the best and more accurate results, it is recommended that you perform the Ucheck pregnancy test twice, because depending on the time you performed the test, you might have gotten negative or positive results, which might not have been the actual case.


Beware of the evaporation lines

Perhaps the biggest drawback of all while using the Ucheck pregnancy test is the formation of evaporation lines, which unmistakably show a positive result where there isn’t one. These evaporation lines emerge once the 10 minute accuracy window has expired. Once the 10 minutes are up, the urine used to test for pregnancy on the test strip begins to dry and evaporate, leaving in place, dark lines referred to as evaporation lines. These evaporation lines are usually mistaken for a positive result, only to be confirmed otherwise much later.



The Ucheck pregnancy test is a good option when you want to confirm your pregnancy status, but it definitely isn’t the best one there is. Leave alone the fact that it is cheap, most of the time, and even after all the factors are kept in check, the chances of getting the right result of your pregnancy status are slightly over 50. In some cases, clients have confirmed its less-than efficient results. There are other pregnancy tests, which are less of a hustle when in use regardless of the price. Using the Ucheck pregnancy test demands a lot of attention to the details in order for it to work, but it’s not the worst way to go.

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