Ultimate guide to Baby Swings

Ultimate guide to Baby Swings
April 02 16:32 2017

People who have babies in this current age that we are living in have it much simpler than way back. There so many toys and gadgets that make raising a little one much easier today than back in the day. One of the many gadgets that parents are investing in these days is the baby swing. A baby swing is said to be very helpful in managing a babies during the first 3 to 4 months of life, but is it safe for the baby? If so how should you use it and what is the best type of baby swing available right now? In this article we will discuss everything there is to know about baby swings and take at look at some of the most popular swing types that exist out there.


What are baby swings?

A baby swing is a freestanding baby holding unit that provides either automatic or manual rocking motion to soothe a baby and get them to sleep. Most automatic baby swings come with speed controllers to manage the rocking speed and a music functionality to provide soothing tune to the baby.

Baby swing were designed to imitate the rocking motion that a baby enjoys when they are in the womb. Most babies love the motion but there are some who really dislike it, it is up to the parents to figure out whether they their bay like it or not.


Baby swings, to use or not to use?

The main question that people keep on asking concerning baby swings is if they should be used on babies. Answering that question is very difficult as many specialist and authority organizations have conflicting opinions. One thing that most of these specialists agree on though is that a baby should never be left to sleep in a swing. When a baby falls asleep in a swing they should be moved to a normal sleeping area. Therefore, a swing can be used for a baby but inly until they fall asleep.

Of the parents that want to keep an eye on the baby while he or she sleep, it is recommended that you remove the baby from the swing when they fall asleep and place them on a flat surface for the rest of their sleep.


Why a baby swing is unsafe for sleep

A baby swing is not flat, if a baby sleeps in a swing they risk moving into awkward positons that could lead to their airways blocking and eventually suffocation. This is especially true for babies under the ages of 4 months who are still developing major parts of their bodies and therefore are at high risk since they do not have control of their neck muscles.

Also, when a baby is on a baby swing, they are in an inclined position or a sitting position, in these positions they can easily chock if they were to have gastro-esophageal refluxes.


When should you use a baby swing? 

According to specialists and studies, baby swings are most efficient when the baby is only just a few months of age. The same recommendations state that a baby swing is best suited for babies that weight below 15kgs. Most importantly, a baby swing should not be used on a baby that is now capable of rolling or climbing out.


Types of baby swing

There are many different types of baby swings that exist. Figuring out which one to purchase can be overwhelming to some parents but when you know what you are looking for it does not pose much of a problem. There are basic baby swings that have zero additions and there are baby swings that have various entertainment additions like soft toys and music. Some differ in size and mobility, it all depends on your preferences but here are the general things to lookout for on different types of baby swings:


  • Power

When purchasing an automated baby swing, you should consider the power situation. Some swings are powered by a battery which will need to be replaced from time to time. Some are plug in swings meaning you do not need to change batteries but you need to constantly have a power source meaning there is no mobility. Baby swings with both battery and plug in support do exist and they are the most used.


  • Safety

A good baby swing is one that has security measure to protect the baby from falling out. Most swings now come equipped with a restraint mechanism to keep the baby safely tucked in the swing.


  • Movement

Sing a baby swing’s principal function is to rock the baby, it makes sense to consider the speed and motion of the swing before buying. The first thing to consider is the type of motion, there is head-to-toe motion, side-to-side motion, and some with a combined swing and bounce motion. When you know the kind of movement that you want you then consider the speed of the movements. The best baby swings are the ones with adjustable speeds.

  • Frame, strength, and durability

The frame structure of the swing should also be considered, some swings a narrow, wide, low or high. It is important to also consider the material and fiber of the swing. A light swign is ideal for mobility reasons


  • Cleaning

Babies drool, spit and can have diaper mishaps, therefore another factor to consider when purchasing a bay swing is the cleaning challenges. A good swing is one with removable and washable seats. If it has seat covers even better.


  • Baby comfort

A baby swing is supposed to offer the maximum possible comfort to the baby. Pay attention to the level of recline of the swing, the cushion type of the seat and other similar things.



Popular baby swings

To help you get an idea of the kind of swings that exist out there, here are some popular swings:


The Fisher Price baby swing

link: amazon

The Fisher Price is a very modernized swing, it comes with smart swing technology and different kinds of motion. The smart technology allows you to set a timer for the duration of a swing desired. It has motion options, head-to-toe, sideways, up and down, and circular motions. The only con with the Fisher Price baby swing is that the timer needs to be reset after it expires and this can be inconveniencing to the parent and irritating to the baby.




link: amazon

The RockaRoo is a small sized swing that offers a complete swing experience that full size swings offer. It has a head-to-toe motion with adjustable speeds. It has an mp3 plug-in function so you can play customized music while the baby rocks away.


Comfort & harmony portable swing

link: amazon

This portable swing comes with many different speed varieties that the baby can enjoy while playing with soft toys. It comes in may designs including animal shapes. The only downside to the swing is that it is exclusively battery operated with no plug-in option.

 Comfort & harmony portable swing


The are many other brands and types of swings to choose from, you just need to know what your bay enjoys and shop around accordingly. If you have friends or relatives who have a baby swing its best you try it out first with your baby before committing to buying one, or better look for a deal with a return policy so you can return or exchange if your baby does not like it.

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