Ultimate guide to Pregnancy Pillows

Ultimate guide to Pregnancy Pillows
March 20 08:43 2017

Speak to any woman with pregnancy experience, she will tell how much valuable sleep is to you during pregnancy and after when the baby is born. For many pregnant women, as the baby develops and the pregnancy gets bigger it becomes less and less comfortable to support the baby especially during sleep. The more the pregnancy gets bigger the more restless you will be come at night and that is not good for your own health and the baby growing inside you. The most common complaints from pregnant women include restless legs, inability to find comfort and continuous feeling that the baby is not in a safe position. All these problems can disappear with the use of a pregnancy pillow. 


What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a cushion designed to give pregnancy women maximum comfort in bed during the time of their pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. There are different pillows for different purposes and for different women. One particular shape of a pregnancy pillow might work for one women and become completely useless and uncomfortable to the next. Pregnant women can try out different shapes before purchasing a pregnancy pillow.

The different designs of pregnancy pillows have different benefits but eventually the all serve the same purpose that is to ease pressure on the back, the hips, the knees and the neck. Overall they encourage better and restful sleep, something that is very important for all pregnant women and parents in general.

Pregnancy pillows are not only suitable for expecting mothers, people suffering from neck, back and arthritic problems can also benefit from using comfort pillows.


What are the benefits of using a maternity pillow?

Pregnancy pillows have many benefits to expecting mothers, here are some good reasons why you should consider purchasing a pregnancy pillow:


  • Body support

Pregnancy pillows support essential body areas that need comfort during pregnancy. The stomach, neck, legs, shoulders and back are all cushioned well and comfortably by a pregnancy pillow, allowing the expecting mum a good night’s sleep. Expecting mothers who suffer from neck and back pain during pregnancy can use the pregnancy pillows by lying in a half-fetal position with the cushion providing the needed support. This position is considered the best one for pregnant women.

When used correctly a pregnancy pillow will relieve pressure on the spine, back and hips while improving the hip, shoulder and spine alignments.


  • Deep sleep

It is imperative that expecting mothers sleep well, be it at night or during the day napping. Lack of adequate sleep has negative effects on the pregnancy and the deep sleepexpecting mother herself. A pregnancy pillow provides the comfort needed for deep relaxing sleep periods. BY using the pregnancy pillow, a pregnant woman can get rid of pain and discomfort felt in pressure areas of the body. Getting rid of discomfort promotes deep and relaxing sleep.


  • Calming effect

Most pregnant women twist and turn when trying to sleep. You will hear most of them saying they worry about hurting the baby when they sleep and this restlessness deprives them of the sleep they need and deserve. They also get anxious and become nervous about going to bed. Using a pregnancy pillow relieves the expecting mum form all these worries by reducing body movements during sleep and supporting the unborn baby in favorable positions. This sort of comfort brings about a calming effect that is needed for a good night’s sleep.


  • Baby support

A pregnancy pillow can be used to support the baby and keep it in favorable positions when the mother is sleeping or lying down. Even after giving birth, the pillow can remain useful in feeding the baby and preventing the baby from rolling off the bed.


  • Improved Blood Circulation

Sleeping position is important in pregnancy especially when the baby has grown significantly. As the baby grows, the amount of blood supply to the uterus should increase, the best way to ensure maximum blood supply is by sleeping or lying down on the left side. For some people sleeping on the side can be uncomfortable or unnatural, that is where a pregnancy people comes in to help with the sleeping position. A pregnancy pillow can help an expecting mother relax her hip and back while she sleeps.


  • Manages the heart rate

When hugged tight, a pregnant woman’s heart rate is significantly lowered and there is a calming effect that follows allowing her to sleep through the night peacefully.


  • Maintain Feet position

Another recommendation for pregnant women is that they keep their feet slightly elevated during sleep. A pregnancy pillow can be used to raise feet and keep them elevated throughout the night.


  • Easing body aches

Being pregnant means carrying around extra body weight and that can cause body muscles to be stiff and ache, especially during the final stages of pregnancy. Using a pregnancy pillow during sleep can help body muscles relax and ease up the tension which is responsible for the aching.


  • Reduced snoring

It is common for some pregnant women to snore during their pregnancy, this is because they are falling on their backs and not sleeping in the right position. Using a pregnancy pillow prevents them from falling on their backs and sleeping in awkward position, which then reduces pregnancy related snoring.


  • Can be used for travelling

A pregnancy people is also useful when travelling. It can be used to support the lower back thereby preventing cramps and lower back pain.


  • Complete relaxation

Through supporting different pressure zones of the body, providing cushioned comfort, and improved blood circulation, pregnancy pillow can provide a complete sense of relaxation for the pregnant mum.


How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

If you have never used a pregnancy pillow or just wondering how you can use it, here is a run down on how best to use a pregnancy pillow:


  1. Evaluate your needs

Not everyone feels comfortable with the same pillow. It is just like an ordinary pillow, some like them soft, hard, fluffy, small, big…etc. The same principle is applied to pregnancy pillows, there many different pillow qualities and designs to choose from. Evaluate your needs first then go for a pillow that meets your comfort needs.


  1. Find out the source of your discomfort

It is important to pinpoint the source of your discomfort. Try to figure out the body parts and areas that are giving you problems, the major areas of concern are the ankles, knees, back and neck. Pain along these areas can be caused by poor sleeping postures which can be corrected by purchasing a relevant pregnancy pillow.


  1. Decide what type of pillow you need

As mentioned above, there are many types of pregnancy pillows that are specifically designed to provide comfort in particular areas. When you evaluate your discomfort you can then decide on the pillow design that you need to relieve yourself of that discomfort. There are many different pillows that you can choose from and sometimes making the choice can be overwhelming if you are not aware of the type that you need for your particular discomfort.

For general aches and pains a traditional full-length or a curved pregnancy pillow would be the most useful relieving the pains.


  1. Quality

Quality comes into play when picking a pillow of any nature. Try to be on the look out for high quality signs when choosing a pregnancy pillow. A padded pillow, filled with stuffing makes for a super comfortable pillow. Evaluate the firmness, and sponginess of the pillow.

This is where you should ask about allergens if you are a person known to have allergies.


  1. Buy removable and washable covers

There is more comfort in sleeping on a clean fresh pillow. To maximize comfort, select a pillow with removable and washable covers. If possible, buy extra covers so you can easily change when they feel dirty and be able to use the pillow while other pair is washing.


  1. Use the pillow correctly

Having a pregnancy pillow and not be able to use it correctly defeats the whole purpose of having one in the first place.


Neck support

You can use the pillow to support your neck, this allows you to properly align your spine and avoid neck pains.


Under the belly

You can place the pillow under your belly. Try this while lying on your side with the pillow neatly placed under your belly. This prevents the weight of the belly from pulling the back and straining the back muscles during your sleep.



Between the legs

Place the pillow between your legs. You can do this while sleeping on your side. Placing the pillow between your legs helps relieve pressure on your body joints and improve blood circulation.



Support the back

A wrap around pregnancy pillow is perfect to support the back and prevent undesired movement during sleep. It is actually the most comfortable on the pregnancy pillows.



Types of pregnancy pillows

To help you pick a pregnancy pillow, here are some popular pregnancy pillow that you may want to take a look at:


  • The Snuggle Up Pillow

link: amazon.com

The snuggle up pillow collection has a number of different shapes that you can choose from, it has the V, the U, the C and the L shaped pillows. All of these pillows offer perfect snuggles and do a great job in relieving the pressure that comes when you sleep on your side during pregnancy. In addition to sleeping posture support, the snuggle up pillows can also be used after giving birth, you can use it to support the baby during breast feeding. You can also use the pillow as a neck support when you are seated by the couch or travelling.

The pillows come in many different colors with removable and washable covers. The original variants of the pillows come coated with lavender to further promote calm and restful sleep.


  • The Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow

link: amazon.com

The cuddle me pregnancy pillow is a very cute and cozy pillow that offers support for any sleeping position and body part including the back, belly and knees. As the name suggests, this pillow literally wraps around you giving you complete body comfort. It can be adjusted to focus on the areas that need the most comfort.

It is also available in different colors, prints and decorations. It is machine washable and has removable covers for easy and convenient management.


  • Meiz Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow

link: amazon.com

This pillow offers the best relaxation, it a snuggling up pillow that offers support to the neck, back, belly, knees and legs. You can literally curl up into this pillow and enjoy the most peaceful sleep. You can use the pillow at any stage of your pregnancy. Furthermore, the Meiz pregnancy pillow offers support to the unborn baby, keeping him or her in a perfect position while you sleep. It is available in different colors and print designs and can easily be washed.



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