What Pet Adoption Can Teach Your Kids

What Pet Adoption Can Teach Your Kids
December 21 17:05 2016

One thing that parents will agree on is that their kids are always bothering them about adopting a pet and they are reluctant to give in to the idea of their kids having a pet around the house because they know the struggles and challenges involved in raising a pet. When your kid has a pet it is almost the same you the parent having a pet as the responsibility of making sure the pet is taken care of eventually comes back to you. It is for this reason that parents generally do not agree to their kids adopting pets. However, specialist in child raising and care suggest that there are more advantages to your kid adopting a pet than the inconvenience of added responsibility on your part. Here are some of the reasons why you should allow your kids to have a pet:


Using pets to teach your kids responsibility

Bringing home a pet for your kids is an excellent way to groom them and teach them how to be responsible human beings. They will learn how to leave with other living creatures and develop valuable life skills concerning caring for another living being. Dogs and pets are the most common household pets, they have similar lifestyles as that of humans so it is much easier for your kids to learn and take care of them than other less common pets like snakes and fish for example. Dogs and cats will require to be fed, taken to the vet, vaccinated, bathed, entertained and taken for walks, activities that are almost as similar to human needs.


By giving them a pet to take care of, children learn how to care for the pet, nurture it and most importantly love it. While it is true that kids may not always do the work consistently when it comes to raising pets, your guidance and teaching can help them develop the dedication and desire to always assume any responsibility that is bestowed upon them. Most parents prefer to prepare their kids before they adopt a real live pet. There are virtual soft wares and dolls that can be used to train and teach a child what it means taking care of another living being before you actually bring it home.

Having a pet affords the kids a chance to learn first hand how to assume responsibility for something important. Yes they will take time to master the art and yes they will slack and slip up along the way but the results will be amazing at the end of the whole exercise. You will watch your kids growing into loving and caring adults all because of a pet.

One word of advise to all parents, when you get a pet for your kids do not do it just to teach them some life lessons. Instead, do it because they express love and desire for the animals. Find out what kind of pet they like, if you get them something they love it will be much easier for them to assume responsibility and care for the animal. A dog or cat is a good start, they provide companionship to the kids and information on how to care for them is readily available as compared to other types of pets.


Providing food

Pets need to be fed, this is something that your kids will easily understand and quickly master. In fact they will master the art of feeding pets so fast that they might even over feed them! By giving the responsibility to feed the pet to your kids you will teach them how to recognize when the pet is hungry and to notice what it likes in terms of food and what it hates. They will also learn how to manage the food, prepare it and even learn how to differentiate between ordinary food and food that counts as treats. Pay attention to your child’s face when they feed the pet something nice and it gobbles it all up, you will notice delight that only comes with satisfaction when they have done something right. This will fuel the kids desire to continue to feed the pet and they will develop an understanding that comes with providing food to a living organism.


Giving attention

The biggest error when it comes to kids and pets is letting them think that a pet is a plaything for them to have fun with. To them when they view a pet this way they immediately treat it the same way they do with their toys and if you have noticed kids get tired of their toys very easy. When you teach them that a pet a pet is not a toy but a companion, a friend, they will begin to learn the difference between the possessions and living organisms.

Since pets will require attention, your kids will have to be responsible for providing that attention and affection. It may take sometime but you will notice them develop a certain commitment towards the adopted pet. The more time they spend with the pet the more they will understand what it means to give time and attention to other people other than yourself.

The commitment that they will develop towards that pet will help them grow in character.


Giving care

Pets need to be bathed, brushed, trimmed and their sleeping area cleaned. Teaching your kid how to give this kind of care adds on to their care giving skills. The same skills can be translated into taking care of other humans around them.


Medical care

There are certain medical necessities that will arise with a pet. For instance dogs have to get their shots, the shots can be administered at home or at the local veterinarian. It is also possible for the pet to fall ill or get injuries and require medical attention and care. Weather you are providing home medical care or taking the pet to the vet, you should let your child be around and participate in the care giving. This way they will learn that their dog or cat is not only there for play and companionship but also requires medical care from time to time just like humans.


Full time responsibility

By having a pet a child will understand that living things require full time responsibility. They will have to take care o the pet even if they have other things they would rather be doing. It is a valid life lesson that is useful in them learning how to manage their time and setting priorities. You may help them here and there but let them be sure whose responsibility it is, it is a life quality that every human being should have.


There is so much more that kids can learn from having a pet around the house. DO not be quick to dismiss the idea of adopting a cat, it could very well provide your children with skills that even you can never be able to nurture.




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