When do babies recognize their name?

When do babies recognize their name?
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One thing expecting parents and mommas take very seriously and spend a lot of time thinking about is baby names. Let’s be honest, the minute you know you are expecting baby names start flooding your head. For some people, it’s easy to pick the right name but to others, it becomes a challenging experience right up until the child is born. One thing that is common between these two groups of people is that the baby will start recognizing and responding to its name in just about the same period regardless of when they were named! So if you have ever wondered when your baby starts recognizing its name then you should keep reading, this might be very interesting for you.

When exactly does a baby start responding to its name you want to know? And by responding we mean actually hearing its  name and reacting to the name and not just to the voice, yes your little one may turn to you when you call their name from as early as a few weeks old, but that’s because they recognize your voice and not because you are specifically naming them.

It is not until when they reach around 5 to 7 months that most babies learn that their names refer uniquely to they the baby themselves. This is the age when a baby develops the ability to associate sounds with their corresponding objects. It is around this time too that they will know what you mean by the words like milk, ball car or doll. Psychologists say this is actually the stage when you can begin to gain an insight into your baby’s neurological development.

When do babies recognize their names?

So even though it will not be until around the ages of 10 to 12 months that your baby will begin to formulate a few words, it’s important that you constantly talk to them and call them by their name starting from around 5 months of age. The more you use their name when talking to them, they will associate the sound of their name and turn to around every time someone says it out.

The more the people around use the name when talking or referring to the baby, the easier it will be for the young one to make the connection and move on to make other sound to object connections. So this the is a very important stage in a growing baby’s life.

You should note though that this step does not forcefully happen in the time frames given above. Each baby develops at their own pace, so some nannies might reach this milestone earlier or later than others of the same age group, it perfectly normal no worries there. Give the little one enough time to develop, when they still do not turn to their name after 10 months then go ahead and mention it to their doctor.

Development of understanding

Your little one cannot speak your language yet but they learn fast and begin to understand what you mean when your talk to them. When a baby is in the womb it learns the voices of its parents and associates this with comfort, love, and security. It is through this principle that your child will learn and understand what you mean by some words like NO, HELLO, BYE, EAT etc…

Since the baby has been listening to you from the time it was in the womb, it will begin to understand from your voice, different emotions like happiness, sadness, love, concern, anxiety, and anger. That is how babies eventually learn how to talk.

The drive home point here is that your baby stays emotionally connected to the people closest to them by associating and recognizing the tones of voices. You will notice also that the baby will smile back to you when you smile and calm down to the comfort of your touch. This is all part of psych neurological growth that happens steadily for the time the baby is born until it fully grows.

Remember your baby learns from associating sound to objects, the more to talk to them when you are doing things, the easier you are making it for him or her to pick up on your vocabulary. It’s all about your voice.


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