Why 3 Month Old Not Eating Sufficiently

Why 3 Month Old Not Eating Sufficiently
August 02 16:27 2016

One of the many challenges facing parenthood is, understanding the needs of the baby as it grows. The baby demands change as it grows older. Every passing month bring about a change with itself for the baby to acknowledge and grow accustomed to. When the baby is 3 months old, it starts waking up to the world around him. He would be able to distinguish between his mother’s lap and his father’s arms.
Parenting seems to be easier and delightful for most parents during this stage of the baby’s life. However, most parents start worrying on each and every thing, which concerns their bundle of joy. The babies of this age love being carried around everywhere, by staying close to your body and yet trying to explore the surroundings. Most parents complain that their little one does not eat as much when he’s 3 months old.


Reasons of Disrupted Eating Habits

As mentioned earlier, the 3 month old babies are interested in exploring the world around them, rather than spending a lot of time on eating or sleeping. He starts learning new things that keep him entertained, even though he loves to see your face, as it tries to mimic your facial expressions. There are some parents who worry that their 3 month old is not getting enough sleep as he used to before. The answer to such questions is that the new parents have to learn to adopt certain changes as their baby grows older.

Furthermore, the digestive system of the 3 month old is still under development and is not ready to intake solid foods. No two babies are the same, in accordance to the sleeping and the eating pattern. Typically, a baby needs to be fed about 8 times in one day. If the baby is eating less and yet, his weight is healthy enough, then he is most likely going through a healthy slow phase. During this phase, the baby is interested in exploring what is around him rather than what he is being fed.

Other things around him start gaining his attention; therefore, he loses his interest in eating. During this phase, a baby does not lose weight, and yet, he is healthy, happy and active all the time. This phase can occur once before the child reaches 12 months of age. He starts discovering his own abilities and it diverts his responsiveness. Plus, by this age the baby is not as hungry as he used to be before, and thus, he is easily distracted while you’re trying to breastfeed him.

However, if such a baby is not responsive or active all the time, then it might be something chronic that requires medical attention. It is also possible that the baby has a blocked nose, which keeps him from sucking and breathing during breastfeeding.

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