Why a dog will make your child happy

Why a dog will make your child happy
August 03 08:58 2016

A lot of money is spent on dogs. If you are a dog owner, you will agree with me that huge amount is required to keep and maintain a dog as a pet. They require special attention and love, they need to be kept clean, properly groomed and fed.

However, about 63% of people have family dogs irrespective of the high cost and the time needed to keep them clean.

This is because dogs have a way of making human beings happy most especially children. The importance of dogs to your life and that of your child can never be underestimated.

There are so many reasons a dog in the house will make your child happy. We will get to discuss that in this article.


Your child’s happiness

Children a lovely and delicate. They require lots of attention and love and it could be cumbersome taking care of kids especially in their tender years.

If you train your child to be happy, your child will definitely grow to become happy adult. Trust me once you have a happy child, you will enjoy them because happy children are fun to be with.

Happy children are healthier, have high self-esteem, perform better in school and makes the family a happy place to stay with.

On the contrary, sad children are no fun at all and if not properly controlled might have problem in their social life and even their academics will be affected. This is the reason you have to ensure your children happy always.

There are a number of things that can contribute to your child’s happiness.

One if does things is getting a dog for your child as a pet.


Why a dog will make your child happy

Dogs are lovely pets. Grooming them and watching tem everyday has a way of giving you an inner joy and happiness. Researches have proven that using dogs as pet is much better, healthier than other pets like cats.
It is important to note that note all dogs are good for children. It is important to get dogs that are not very aggressive and love playing with kids. Dogs like The Labrador retriever, the Viszla and the pug are good pet dogs for children.

Dogs are playful just like children: Most parents are very busy and might not give their child the needed attention. Getting a good and healthy dog for your child will cover up this gap. The children will be happy with their dogs playing around even without noticing the fact that their parents are busy.

Dogs have a way of improving the countenance of your child: If you ask most children that have pet what makes them happy when angry; they will tell you that their dogs do. Spending 15-20 minutes with your dog can make you forget the anger and stress of the day and regain your happiness. Same goes to your child. Dogs have a happy countenance and have a way of transferring this to children or anybody around them.

It helps them become fit always and have less allergies: Dogs require daily exercise and run around a lot. Children that are dog owners have the responsibility of keeping their dogs fit and that entails they have to run around with them. In doing this, they are happy because children naturally love playing too.

We all know the importance of exercise as regards to being healthy and active and even in their intellectual life. Children that involve in daily exercise are happy, intellectually active and healthy. All thanks to their dogs that make them do this without stress.

Self-esteem: Do you know that children dog owners have a high self-esteem? Dogs have a way of making children have a high self-esteem because they are friendly and makes them feel important. Most children that find it difficult socializing with their mates find solace with their dogs as they are always there for them anytime they need them.

Rarely miss school: Researches have proven that children that are dog owners rarely miss school. This is because they are healthier and rarely fall sick. This makes them perform better at school and become happier seeing themselves perform excellently academically

Cheers up the family: Dogs have a way of creating bond among family members as they see themselves as being part of the family. Most dog pets socialize well with children. When the dog is happy it cheers up the family. Since they make children happy, everybody in the family becomes happy. If you are a parent you will agree with me that when your children are happy, you will be happy too.

Helps children develop good reading habits: If you have ever seen a child that has a family dog, you will agree with me that sometimes, you will notice that the child will crawl up with the pet and read stories for the pet willingly and happily. Most children are not good readers naturally, but because they love their pet and want to make it happy, they read for it and indirectly develop good reading habits without knowing it.

They get to have a sense of responsibility: Children dog owners are made to have the responsibility of keeping their dog neat and making sure they are well fed. They become happy that they are able to do that for their pet they love.

You could imagine your child walk up to you with the pet and say to you ‘mum! I just finished trimming my dog’s hair’ and that with happiness. They really derive joy taking care of their dogs.

Children dog owners never have a dull moment and as such always happy: Children sometimes get bored when there is nothing to do in the house and nobody to play with especially when they are the only child at home. However, if they have a dog, they need not to worry because the dog is always there to keep them company. Because dogs are human’s best friends, they want to always play or do something with them.


In conclusion, children find happiness in their pet dog for so many reasons. You can get that dog for your child that have been asking you for a dog as a pet. Ensure you get the ones that are not too aggressive and socialize well with children and you will not regret you did.


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