Why Do Newborn Grunt During Sleep?

Why Do Newborn Grunt During Sleep?
August 01 17:04 2016

Babies are basically very delicate creatures. They do not have any means of communication, rather than making some sort of funny noise to communicate with his parents. The sleeping patterns of babies vary from baby to baby. Some babies would be happy and refreshed after a 12 hour sleep, while some babies would get a maximum 19 hours of sleep. You do not have to worry much as long as the baby is healthy.
Babies make a wide variety of sounds during their sleep, from whimpers to snorts and to grunts, moans, yelps, and so on. The noise during sleep is not necessarily a signal for hunger or awakening. There are basically two stages to a baby’s sleeping cycle, one is the REM (Rapid eye movement), and the second is the proper sleeping stage. Here are a few reasons which might be the cause of your baby’s grunting sound during sleep:


1. Breathing

When the baby is sleeping, the shallow breathing can cause the lungs alveoli to collapse. This results in a grunting sound. The reason for this type of grunting sound is similar to the reason of a yawn or a sigh of an adult. It happens to older children or adults as well, and it is a normal aspect, because a sigh or a yawn fills the lungs with oxygen and it reopens the alveoli. The grunt caused by this issue would be followed by a couple of deep breaths.


2. Illness

If the baby makes constant grunting sounds, after few intervals, then it might be the result of some serious illness. It could be a sign of sepsis, lung problems, meningitis, etc. This type of grunting would seem labored and it would be accompanied by bubbling or wheezing sounds with each breath. The baby would repeat making the grunting sound even when he is awake, if he is sick. You need to seek medical attention immediately if your baby makes this sort of a grunting sound.


3. Poop Issues:

Babies grunt mostly during the bowel movement. The abdominal muscles of the baby are undeveloped and it might be the reason for the uneasiness in the baby’s grunts during sleep. The baby requires a lot of effort in order to push the stool out. When the baby is poops during his sleep, the grunt sound is initiated because of the closed larynx. If, however, the child grunts for a longer period, then it might be an indication of constipation, especially if the baby’s face is red during the process.


If you still feel unsure about your child’s grunts during sleep, then you can check for other signs of respiratory troubles or sickness issues. Nevertheless, the grunting that signifies the respiratory issues normally occurs when the baby is awake. You can take your baby to a doctor for expert evaluation if the grunting sound seems unfamiliar to you.





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