Why do relationships go bad after the baby is born?

Why do relationships go bad after the baby is born?
August 01 17:06 2016

Most of the times, some couples decide to have a baby to maintain the stability of their relationship and to strengthen it further. They think that their life after childbirth would add tenderness, maturity and intimacy to their relationship. However, it is not the case with most couples, as it could be a stressful experience which can challenge your role in your relationship.

The couple has to take a lot of time to recognize the new responsibilities they have to maintain as parents. The transformation from a couple to parents is not an easy one. The situation tends to worsen if the mother is experiences postpartum depression. Here are a few problems that can have a negative impact on your relationship after the baby is born:


1. Challenges for the New Father

The new fathers are mostly depressed more than women, after their child is born. They feel left out and isolated by their partner. The new father might even see his baby as a sort of a competition to his attention. They tend to become depressed and might withdraw for some time in order to understand their position as a father. To avoid this issue, the mother has to let the father spend one-on-one time with the baby, frequently, so that he does not feel left out. Fathers mostly have a different style of parenting, hence, instead of criticizing him; show him the right way to do so.


2. Challenges for the New Mother

The new mothers are often overwhelmed by their role as a mother initially, but as the days pass, it becomes hard for them to maintain stability between their role as a wife and as a mother. The burden of chores, the responsibilities of the baby, the responsibilities of the husband, the changed body image, etc., are some of the common reasons why a new mother would stay cranky most of the times. It takes time for the mother to get used to her new daily rituals. You both have to be patient with each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship.


3. Loss of Intimacy

Most of the new parents experience the loss of sexual intimacy after childbirth. Some women go through episiotomy during childbirth, which requires a considerable amount of time for recovery. Therefore, if the woman has sex before recovering completely, then it would be a lot painful for her. These uncomfortable situations tend to make the men feel rejected and neglected by their partner, both physically and emotionally. Breastfeeding can also inhibit a women’s desire towards intimacy. However, there are other ways to be intimate with your partner, such as cuddling.


Both mother and father can experience the postpartum depression after childbirth. Most of the relationship difficulties are the result of the postpartum depression, which is no lesser than a nightmare.



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