Why Do You Need a Prenatal bandage

Why Do You Need a Prenatal bandage
August 02 16:04 2016

Pregnancy is the most important phase of a woman’s life. It is vital for a woman to take precautions during this period. In the modern times, there is a wide variety of different products available in the market for pregnant women, but a belly bandage or prenatal bandage is designed to support the lower back and the front of the body, the abdomen, during this phase. It is specifically designed to support the abdomen without squeezing.
It also ensures the correct position of the baby present inside the uterus. The correct bandage prevents backaches, stretch marks and makes it easy for the woman to walk around. The best time to wear this bandage is during the 3rd or the 4th month of pregnancy. Here are a few reasons to show you why you need a prenatal bandage:


1. It Decreases Pain

The back pain and the joint pain, during pregnancy, are very common and quite frustrating for the expectant mother, as it becomes difficult to perform everyday activities efficiently. These prenatal bandages can be worn to support your lower back and abdomen, during certain activities. The round ligament pain occurs between the 13th and 27th week of pregnancy, which is caused by your extra weight that puts pressure on the tendons. The prenatal bandage distributes the weight across your back and abdomen; thus, decreasing the overall pain.


2. Moderate Compression during Activities

The prenatal bandage is mostly used for the support it gives the baby bump during certain activities. It exhorts gentle compression and supports the uterus to reduce the discomfort from different movements, and during physical activities. Too much weight on your abdomen can weaken the circulation system; therefore you can use this bandage in order to secure your baby bump. It is also beneficial to wear it during pregnancy exercises, as it decreases the frequency of hypertension, depression and also diabetes.


3. Peripheral Cues for Posture

You can use the prenatal bandage to facilitate your body posture, as it provides peripheral cue to your body. It prevents extension of the lower back, and limits it to a safe level, by supporting your lower back and upper body. The baby bump, in front of your body, stretches and weakens the core muscles that support your spine. Moreover, the weight of the baby bump puts pressure on your shoulder and ruins your posture, which can affect the baby’s position inside the uterus. Thus, you can use the prenatal bandage in order to prevent this issue.

It is important to know that the prenatal bandage or the belly band should not be worn for more than two or three hours to avoid dependency on the product, since they are made only for temporary use. You should maintain a regular exercising routine along with the use of a prenatal bandage to strengthen your primary muscles both; during and after pregnancy.

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