Why Does a Newborn Lose Hair?

Why Does a Newborn Lose Hair?
August 02 16:41 2016

There are many challenges attached with the position of a new parent, with many stressful challenges ahead. Being unaware of the tasks that behold the new parent, the parent either questions every incident, or gets worried. The parenting journey is full of unexpected surprises. You have to be aware of the hair loss of your newborn baby. The newborn babies every so often lose their hair during the first six months after birth.
However, hair has a definite growth and resting stage. The growth stage lasts for about three years, whereas, the resting stage lasts for about three months. The hair loss problem in newborn babies seems to worry the parents, although, it is okay for a baby to lose hair during the first few months. The parents should know that it is not much of an issue, as there are reasons for this issue.

Cause for Hair Loss in a Newborn Baby

The newborn baby’s hair loss problem is also called telogen effluvium, which is a natural part of the process of growth and the development of many babies. During the resting stage of hair, it remains in the hair follicle until the new hair starts coming in. The hormonal changes can cause the large number of hair to stop growing all at once. The hormonal level of the newborn drops right after birth, which causes the newborn baby to lose the hair he was born with. It might cause the baby to lose out little or with no hair at all. The new mothers often lose a large amount of hair due to the similar reason.
Some babies are born with a lot of hair on their head, while others are born without any. Even if your child is born with a lot of hair, he would lose out most of them during the hair loss stage. Another cause for the hair loss at a smaller age includes significant cradle cap. There are many abnormalities attached to hair loss, for instance pili annulati, Menkes disease, etc. It can also occur due to the inflammation of the scalp, such as skin infections, lupus, etc. The hair loss can also be the result of some trauma, such as the birth trauma. It can also be part of the normal growth or loss cycle of hair.
Most of the times, the hair loss of newborn babies does not require medical attention. However, if it the hair loss lasts for a longer period of time, it can be the result of severe nutrition problem. The iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, or protein malnutrition can cause hair loss in infants. You can also try changing the sleeping position of the baby in order to avoid hair loss in patches.

On the other hand, losing a crop of hair is a part of the natural or normal developmental procedure, which is not a cause for medical concern, as long as the scalp and hair shafts of the newborn baby looks normal.

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