Why Does An Infant Have Cold Feet?

Why Does An Infant Have Cold Feet?
August 02 16:36 2016

Becoming a new parent comes with a lot of challenges and stressful situations. Most people feel scared to touch or hold their baby too much. A healthy newborn baby is not as delicate and fragile as it may seem. You can cuddle and play with your baby, but just don’t do something that could harm his tiny body. However, by wrapping up your baby tightly, in a cloth, would help secure the baby.
The new parents would get worried by the changing behavior and body of their infant. Every little change would be thought about and discussed, from the body changes to the diapers and dresses of the baby. Most of the parents complain that their children have cold hands or feet, especially at night. Every small symptom worries the new parents. Instead of panicking, try to recognize the symptoms.


Cause of Cold Feet

While you’re learning to be a new parent, similarly your infant is learning to get accustomed to this world. The baby is still learning to live with the temperature of the world and the temperature of the ongoing season. You have to be careful with the dresses of your baby, as they lose heat very quickly through their head. It is vital for you to cover up your baby up properly, but don’t keep adding extra layers of blankets and sheets in order to keep him warm. At times, even when your baby is wrapped up properly, his hands and feet still might seem cold to you.

The body of the infant is not developed properly after his birth. It takes a lot of time for the baby to regulate the circulation in his body, which is yet learning to supply the entire body with blood. To make sure that the infant is warm enough, touch his torso to feel his body temperature, if it is tinged pink and feels warm, and then you don’t have to worry. The body of the infant would seem to be in a moderate temperature, this is because the circulatory system of the infant learns to supply blood to the vital organs first, for instance, the heart, lungs, urinary organs and the digestive system.

The blood flow of the infant is not as efficient as a toddler and thus, the feet of the infant would seem cold. The development of the body of the baby prioritizes development foremost. You do not have to worry about this issue, because as the baby would become more active and energetic with time; his circulatory system would supply blood efficiently and equally to all parts of his body. This procedure of development can take up to 3 to 4 months. Other than that, keep your child warm at all times, because a cold baby does not have the ability to cry often so as to communicate with the parents.

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