Why does baby cry when laid down?

Why does baby cry when laid down?
September 25 13:14 2016 image: educateinspirechange.org

Why does baby cry when laid down? Here’s why

The clock strikes 11 P.M. It’s getting quite late. You finally finish all the chores and you are also done feeding your baby. You can already feel the time approaching when you will dead on the bed. No more work now. Your feets are aching and all you want to do is lay in the bed with your eyes closed and gently slip into your slumber.

You can feel all these just by looking at your little one. Sleeping without any worry or care in this world.

As your foot start marching towards your toddler’s bed, you become more and more careful not to wake him up. You gentle kiss on his forehead wishing him goodnight and put him down to his bed.

As soon as you are about to turn and leave, you hear a slight wail. Thinking it just as your imagination, you grew yourself distant to the bed but wait. The volume of the light cry increased.

You turn around and to your surprise, you see your baby crying like he has been left off for ages.

You immediately run only to put him on his arm again and sing him a lullaby.

You don’t understand what is going on. The only noise you could hear was the mosquito’s buzzing. You just feed your baby. His diaper isn’t bothering.

So, why did he wake up?

The Actual Problem

Imagine yourself in place of your baby. A little confused being living in a cozy and warm place (womb) for months. You don’t have to put the effort in anything. Breathing, eating and excreting are all automatic.

But one fine day without any prior notice you are “pushed” out of your home to a place that doesn’t resemble even the slightest from where you used to live.

It is cold, big and you have to put effort into everything.

The only thing seems familiar is a woman. Her smell and touch are all you can trust. You come to the conclusion that your survival depends on her.

However, every now and then she leaves you for something. You have no idea when she is coming back.

What would your first reaction be?

In most cases, crying out loud with everything you have.

You see, your baby doesn’t cry because he wants you. But because he needs you.

He cries out of desperation. His wail is his way of calling for help.

He is scared of you might abandoning him.

Of course, you are not leaving but how is he supposed to know?

He just came to this world. It doesn’t look like it but he is a lot busier than most adults.

He is constantly absorbing information from the surrounding and to make sense of them.

In fact, for first few months the baby thinks you and him are the same entity. His brain cannot distinguish between the two of you separately.

That’s why a newborn is so much attached to his mother for first few months.

They can sense you leaving even when their eyes are closed.

What To Do

The isn’t much you can do for first 4 to 5 months. At best, you can ask your spouse to switch places for a while.

“This too shall pass”

The first few months will be hectic. However, knowing how much your toddler is dependent on you might give you a boost to keep going.

But once he grows up to 6 months of age, you can start doing few things to make it easy for him to fall asleep on his own.

#1 Let him Cry

As soon as your toddler starts crying in his sleep, you mother instincts wants you to go and hold him in your arms.

However, this behavior gives your baby no incentive to learn to sleep on his own.

So, the next time as soon as starts crying, wait a while. Let him manage his sleep himself. This way he will have no choice but to learn to sleep without you being there.

Slowly but surely you will notice your kid will adapt to this situation.

#2 Wait a While

Most mothers usually put their kid down just when they fell he has slept.

But this isn’t an effective strategy to follow.

According to research, it shows it takes up to 20 minutes for kids to reach a state of deep sleep.

So, next time when you see your baby’s eyes closed, wait a while. Don’t put him down immediately. Let him enter the state of deep sleep. This will dramatically reduce his chances of waking up again.

#3 Follow the Ritual

Babies cannot differentiate between day and night. They will sleep when they are allowed to sleep.

So, it is up to you the parent, to teach him the time to sleep.

Take him to his place for slumber at the same time in the same way. Eventually, he will be to know about his sleep time and prepare his body accordingly.

Follow the ritual daily until it becomes his second nature.

Closing Thoughts

It will continue for first few months But worry not. Nothing is permanent. Someday he will grow and realize what her mom went through. Maybe not.

But this is the beauty of motherhood, You do it out love and care instead if recognition and appreciation.

Just because of this selflessness, we humans have survived for thousands of years!

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