Why Does My Child Always Stick Their Tongue Out?

Why Does My Child Always Stick Their Tongue Out?
August 03 16:54 2016

Babies use a variety of cute gestures to communicate with their parents, before they are able to talk. These gestures include smiling, crying, scrunching up their little noses or smacking of lips. While some babies also stick out their tongue. Though these gestures are pretty common and they mean different things in diverse situations. While most parents get worried if their baby continues this action for a longer period.
Usually, if your baby is sticking out his tongue, then no need to worry, its a normal thing. But if this gesture is accompanied with difficulty in drooling and eating, then it means that your baby has Down syndrome. Typically, a Down syndrome refers to the problems in controlling the muscles needed for swallowing. If you have any doubts then closely monitor your baby and also consult with a doctor on this matter..!

Causes of Baby Sticking Out Tongue

Mouth Breathing: It is not a new thing to see a baby sticking out tongue, particularly when if your baby is a mouth breather. All babies breath from their noses, but some babies also breath from their mouth due to their tonsils, large adenoids or nasal congestions. If your baby’s breath from mouth, then you usually see him sticking his tongue out. Well, that scenario is completely treatable. Doctor may recommend a surgery to treat his chronic sinus or sleep apnea.

Masses: Certain growth or masses in and around the tongue can push the tongue out or either make it larger. Some babies also have the cysts (commonly known as a thyroglossal duct cyst) in their salivary glands. Usually cysts can dissolve on their own, so your baby doesn’t require a surgical procedure for that.

Switching from milk to food: When your baby is 6 months old it is recommended for parents to introduce some solid food. Some babies easily adapt this new feedings, but some babies may reflect their unwillingness to accept this food by sticking their tongue out. If you have recently changed your little one food, then he may be showing his imitate reactions through this gesture.

During playing: We all know that babies love to play with others. Though they are very small, but still they can show their enjoyment by imitating different facial expressions and sticking tongue out is also one of them. It is suggested that parents should play different games with their babies because it is an effective way to build a connection with your kid.

Before Eating: Babies show different expressions to show you that they are hungry or thirsty. They may cry, smack their lips or even stick their tongue out. Similarly, they tend to show different expressions when they are full. Like they will stick out their tongue and turn their head to no with force to show that they are not enjoying the feed anymore or they are full.


As discussed above, there are so many reasons for a baby to exhibit tongue protrusion. So if you experience your little one is sticking his tongue out all the time kindly do not jump to the conclusion of down syndrome. If you are getting concerned then its better to consult with a doctor. Your pediatrician will best guide you that either it is a down syndrome or tongue protrusion.


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