Why You Do Not Need to Fear a Childbirth: 3 Great Reasons

Why You Do Not Need to Fear a Childbirth: 3 Great Reasons
August 01 17:10 2016

Having babies is the most serious event of a woman’s life. Every expectant mother wants her childbirth experience to be the most comfortable experience possible. Some women are inundated with the horrific tales and images of childbirth and labor. You have to remember that many women feel the same fear as childbirth approaches, and it reflects the emotional process of pregnancy.

The most common fears of childbirth include the fear of having a C-section, the fear of the pain, the fear of stillbirth, etc. These fears are mostly initiated in pregnant women by the horrific stories, which can transfer them into a state of anxiety and fear. The intense fear of childbirth can be the reason of your negative experience in labor. You do not have to fear childbirth due to the following reasons:

1. Scientific Advancements

‘Pain’ is the first word that comes to the mind of the expectant mother as the days of delivery draws near. The intense fear can affect your labor. The scientific advancements are the main reason for you to be relieved about your childbirth experience. There are a lot of pain management options available for you at the hospitals now, which have proven to minimize the risks linked to childbirth, for instance, the risk of death, disability, etc. Therefore, the hospital births are much safer now.


2. The use of Epidural Anesthesia

There is an availability of pain relief medications in the hospitals now, which can enhance your childbirth experience. The epidural anesthesia is widely known for its function of pain relief during labor. More than 50 percent of women are giving birth at the hospitals using this method. It blocks the nerve impulses from the lower spinal segments, which results in decreased sensation in the lower half of the body. It also allows your body to rest if your labor is prolonged. However, you would stay alert of the situation, at the same time it can help you deal with.

3. A Reason to Cherish

There is a huge difference in the attitude of an expectant mother from the time she acknowledged her pregnancy to the time of labor. The expectant mother should always keep in mind that she is paying the price of bringing her child into this world, and thus, you have to be enthusiastic about it. You have to be proud of yourself that you are giving birth to the child, which you and your husband would raise together. It would be regarded as the mark of your love, so keep in mind that experiencing childbirth would be the reason for you to cherish your relationship with your husband and your life in general in a different way.

Worrying about your childbirth would do you no good; therefore you have to relax yourself in order to prevent stressful events during labor. 


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