Why You Hate Your Husband after having a baby

Why You Hate Your Husband after having a baby
November 29 10:25 2016

Many women tend to hate their husbands when a new baby is born; if you are on your first pregnancy get ready for it! If this has happened to you and your relationship do not worry, most couples go through it and that’s the small price your husband has to pay for putting a baby in you. According to studies performed by psychologist, many new mothers blame all of their post giving birth challenges to their spouses, which becomes the reason for the hatred. Here are some of the reasons why you will hate your husband after giving birth:


He is not helping with the baby

NO matter how much he helps around, as soon as your husband goes back to work you will immediately start to dislike him. You will feel like he is not helping enough with the baby and is avoiding the responsibility by going to work and leaving you alone to take care of the baby. These feelings tend to make you detest and shy away from your husband and he will feel it. DO not worry though, these feeling will decrease as the baby grows and soon enough you will go back to your ordinary self.


He is doing everything wrong

Whatever your husband does around the house to help out with the baby will not seem good enough to you. The way he changes the baby and clean up the kitchen will be absolutely wrong. You wont like his methods of calming the baby and neither will you like how he handles the domestic duties will you rest. If you have older kids, you will not like the way he prepares them for school or the dinner he makes. All this will make you hate your husband and it’s all because of the new baby. How you handle all these feeling will determine the ultimate direction of your relationship with your husband when the baby has grown.


Believe it or not, he feels the hatred and is doing everything he cannot to piss you off but the feeling will soon get to him to if you over do it. There may come a time when he will call you out and you will end up fighting. The best way to handle all this is to try and be nice to him from time to time. If he does something right you should compliment him and show him that you appreciate everything that he is doing around the house. With time you will see him doing better and better, running the house like you would have.


Your postnatal body

It is true; women will always feel jealous that their body changes with childbirth while that of their spouse remains intact. All that baby fat and all those stretch marks will make you feel jealous of your husband and as such you will develop some feelings of hate towards him. The best way to get over this is to involve your husband in the post birth work out. If the two of you work together while you exercise to get your body in shape you will develop a bond that is much stronger than the one you had before giving birth and the feeling of hate and jealousy will gradually dissolve into wonderful feeling of love and gratitude.


You feel like he is no longer attracted to you

After giving birth many women become self-conscious about their bodies and tend to think that their husbands are no longer attracted to them. This will cause you to hate your partner; you will notice every small detail about how he looks at you or other women. The attitude that you will develop against him will repel him and as a result you will feel even more unwanted thereby increasing the feeling of hatred.

According to relationship experts, the only way to get past this is talking to your partner and let them know how you feel. Try to do things that will make you feel good about yourself again; increasing your self-esteem back to the normal levels can easily solve this problem.


There will be less time for you

Having a baby means you will most likely give up most of your alone time. Your husband will give up a lot of his free time too as a result there will not be enough time for the too of your to hang out or go on dates like you used to. As such, you will start to feel neglected especially if he spends a little of his time watching a game of sport or having a quick drink with his boys.

The simplest solution to this problem is to find a baby sitter so you can have some time alone or go on a date with your partner. It does not have to be too much time or you do not have to go very far. Just an hour or two alone in your backyard enjoying a nice meal without having to attend to the baby is more than enough to ease some of that tension from your relationship.

There are many other reasons why you will develop feeling of hate towards your partner but the ones we discussed above are the most common. Most of these reasons are temporary and will disappear once the baby grows older but some may develop in to bigger problems if not addressed properly. Just identifying the source of your feeling and sharing with your partner can go a long way in making sure your relationship stays stronger.

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