Wondfo Pregnancy Test: Review

Wondfo Pregnancy Test: Review
January 22 12:42 2017

Wondfo pregnancy test is a super brand of home pregnancy test kit that has retained its reputation as one of the most consistent and accurate pregnancy testing kits for several years. Wondfo pregnancy test kits are not only FDA approved but also tried-and-true. Wondfo offers pregnancy test products in form of midstream, strip, cassette and mini-midstream. Each of Wondfo’s pregnancy test kits depend on the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin, an hormone released by the growing placenta and excreted into the a woman’s urine soon after a baby starts forming in the womb.

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How Wondfo Pregnancy Test Kits Work

Wondfo doesn’t depend on any complex technology to detect pregnancy. Like other DIY pregnancy test kits, Wondfo relies on the presence of hormone HCG in the urine to determine if you are pregnant or not. The test kit includes antibodies that are intended to instantly react with the hormone. When you aren’t pregnant and your urine doesn’t contain human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, the test kit won’t show any band on the test zone or color on the control zone. Alternatively, if you are pregnant and your urine includes high levels of HCG, dissimilar color banks will be seen in the test and control zones. Always keep in mind that the concentration and range of the color bands will always differ based on the age of your pregnancy.


How To Use Wondfo Pregnancy Test Kits

You don’t need to be a medical doctor to use this pregnancy test kit. You likewise don’t require undergoing any kind of training to know how to use Wondfo pregnancy test kits. All you need is willpower, perseverance and adequate time to spend collecting the necessary specimens and executing the tests. The basic specimen to have is urine in a clean-dry glass or plastic container. If you already have the urine specimen, unpack the Wondfo test strip and dip it in the container containing the urine. Let the strip stay in the urine for utmost three seconds then remove it and place it in a fully dry and clean non-absorbent surface. Wait for utmost five minutes and then check your Wondfo test strip. Do not leave the test kit to stay in the urine for more than five minutes since it will affect the results. If you are pregnancy, several color bands will be shown on the test and control zones while if you aren’t pregnancy, only one color band will be seen.



Benefits Of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Kits

Using Wondfo pregnancy test kits come with many benefits. All genuine and validated Wondfo pregnancy test kits are accurate, expedient and reliable. They do give exact results as long as they are used following the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. Wondfo pregnancy test kits are likewise very easy to use in validating your pregnancy status. You don’t need any professional assistance to use these products in checking your pregnancy status. With a Wondfo pregnancy test kit, your pregnancy test results will be out in a matter of few minutes. The cost of Wondfo pregnancy test kits is by far lower when compared to other brands in the market.


Disadvantages Of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Kits

Wondfo pregnancy test kits aren’t all perfect. There are several things about these pregnancy test kits that do not add-up. For instance, the kits come with expiry date which means you can’t use them past the expiry date. Thus, you can’t buy them in bulk if you aren’t sure if you will have already used them all before they are expired. Wondfo pregnancy test kits require high level of accuracy and precaution. Failing to keep any of the provided time plans will result to a failed test.


Final Verdict

Wondfo is absolutely the number one brand for quality and highly effective pregnancy test kits. All their pregnancy test products are FDA approved and are intended to give accurate results at all times. The cost of their products is as well quite low which makes them the ultimate testing kits for women on budget. However, despite the fact that Wondfo pregnancy test kits are very effective and up to the expected quality mark, they do have some limitations. First, the kits don’t guarantee accurate results for all kinds of pregnancy stages. Second, the kits require keen observation of the given time schedules.

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